How to Brand your Workplace in 6 Easy Steps

2017-11-22T15:39:12+00:00October 21st, 2016|Workplace Design|

If culture is the inward expression of a company, branding is the outward demonstration of a company’s DNA.  Branding and culture exist side-by-side, so having a branded workplace is vital to defining that culture. A branded workplace should support business goals, attract and retain talent, improve productivity and encourage collaboration.

But branding a space goes beyond simply adding a logo; it extends to creating many parts that make the whole experience stronger and more authentic.  If open, collaborative work and transparency is part of your business goal, an open plan could be an appropriate workplace for your business. If your business is more regulated or calls for confidentiality, this design may not feel right.

A well-designed workplace should include a holistic approach to culture and branding. At first glance, this may sound like a big overhaul, but a few small steps can really add up to big experiences that prove vital to a brand’s authenticity.

Here are 6 things to consider when branding a space:

1. Graphic Art


Use graphic art to customize your workstations through wall treatments and films that can be applied to surfaces. Artwork should support the look and feel of the overall design and not compete with your brand aesthetic.

2. Table Tops


Table tops are no longer limited to a typical laminate or solid surface. Many times you can use any kind of top you want — just find the right base able to accept your top. Above is turnstone’s customized table displayed at Neocon16.

3. Colors


Use colors to perfectly match your logo. Some workstations like turnstone’s Bivi can be custom painted to match graphics and logos. If your colors are bright and you’re are afraid to use them, considering integrating them in key spaces like the reception area, or use it as a way finding tool. Don’t get bogged down thinking you have to use the logo color as part of the entire workplace color palette. Instead, choose colors that express different moods or emotions you want your staff to feel when they are in different areas of your workplace.

4. Acoustical panels


Acoustical panels come in sheets can be cut to different sizes, shapes and patterns to form unique artwork while providing sound absorption. Wood panels can be etched and stone slabs can be carved out for customized patterns and images. Use them as a focal point in your workplace or apply them at your reception desk for a more customized look and feel.

5. Fabrics


Fabrics offer a variety of patterns, textures and color combinations. Choose one(s) that are most in line with your graphics and color, or those that complement your palette.

6. Furniture


Express your brand by selecting the right form and function of furniture. Create focus zones, places to socialize and eat together, as well as areas to collaborate and brainstorm as a team. Remember that branding does not only address the aesthetic, it also needs to achieve your business goals.