Branding Your Office

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Branding yourself goes beyond having nice font on your letterhead. It is a reflection of your company values and mission, described in a visual way. Much like the McDonalds logo is recognizable by itself, your brand also has to be recognized easily. Colors, logos, and culture are all important parts of branding.

By creating a visual narrative experience in your office space can help you best describe your brand and values, without saying a word.  It goes beyond color scheme. Although important, use of color is helped by the execution of culture that goes along with the brand. All of the important pieces of branding help tie your office together to create an atmosphere that is specific to the company.

The Red Bull GmbH company is the manufacturer of the Red Bull energy drink, headquartered in Austria. They are huge sponsors of extreme sports, such as cycling, snowboarding, motorcycling and others. The imagery and design used throughout the office is meant to reflect the Red Bull lifestyle, as well as the athletes and artists who are the brand ambassadors. The lively movement of the interior mimics the company slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”.

In the article “Cool Space: Advertising Giant Grey Group “, I covered the Grey Global Group offices in New York City. A section of the company is G2 which handles marketing for large companies. In the G2 office, they have a fridge full of bottles of beer, since Heineken is a client.

G2 displays their logos in a large size all over the office, so there is no question which office you are standing in.


An education start-up in New York is connecting students with universities, making online learning available on a global scale. Called 2tor, it is named after the founder’s dog Tor, and the name is pronounced like “tutor”. The company slogan is “Great Universities Unleashed”. In the office, they have a bull as a mascot, called 2toro. Jenn Pedde, Community Manager for the MSW@USC at 2tor told me “We have an incredible company culture at 2tor and we discuss its importance all the time, especially as we grow… when it comes to 2toro, I came into our office one day and he was missing from his usual spot.  He was outside on our deck, sunning himself, and I still have no idea how he got out there, or why! He also loves to participate in our yearly Halloween party (he dressed up as a ghost cow last year)”. The bull is also a giant pencil, which is appropriate considering the company is in the education field.


Branding should be used across many different types of media. If your main accent color is green, use it on your walls, on coffee mugs, stickers…Just about anywhere! Take an opportunity to utilize any available space, for instance you could paint “Aim Higher” on the ceiling for a quirky inspiration.


The company office is the best way to show off what the brand is all about. Being able to walk through it, and really experience the space is the best advertising. Set yourself apart from other spaces, and create a truly unique environment.

How has your company used branding to sell themselves? Please share any interesting stories about your unique office!

What Carla likes most about interior design is having the opportunity to create spaces that speaks the company's brand, and improve their workflow. She loves reading about workplace trends, color psychology and keeps abreast with the latest furniture introductions and how it supports the workplace.