The Perks of Working at PERQ

In case you were wondering what an awesome office space looks like, this is it. It's one of those spaces that you look at and literally say: I wish I worked there!  Today I'd like to share my interview with Andy Medley, president and co-founder of PE [...]

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Unleash the Power of Your Break Room

November gave us Thanksgiving with its turkey leftovers and a side dish of shopping receipts. However, December gives us something much more: an office filled with holiday sweets of bagels, cookies and fruit baskets piling up in your break room. Slow [...]

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Bring Fun to the Office

Before becoming a freelancer, I often had fun at the office. For our team, it was not about having cool stuff like ping pong tables, quirky architectural features, or a bright color scheme. The office was actually a formal corporate environment with [...]

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