Creating a Coffee Shop Vibe in the Office

Waking up a few minutes late and racing to leave the house on time is what most of us go through each weekday. We grab what we need, walk (or run) to the train station, coffee in hand, on the way to the office. This may be a typical work day for many [...]

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Fostering Collaboration in the Workplace

Steve, Danny, Kono and Chin Ho get together for a new crime case. They all meet at the scene and talk about what just happened. Steve gives them tasks and each team member does what they do best. After few hours, they meet again at their office and b [...]

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Innovation in the Workplace

Wonder where companies like Apple get their ideas from? I read about a teen who sold his app to Yahoo for millions of dollars - a teen! 2 things come to mind, one: that I am starting to feel old and two: why didn't I think of that idea. Innovative id [...]

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Texturize Your Office Walls

The possibilities and options when it comes to the walls of your space are pretty much endless. Its more a less whats allowed in your lease or how brave you want to be. You don't always have to add a new coat of paint to update your office walls. The [...]

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What Is Your Color Mood?

White walls, grey carpet, white ceiling acoustical tiles and metallic grey cubicle panels and black tasks chairs, sounds like someone's office? Imagine if you can transform it into something that reflects your team culture, now that is truly inspirin [...]

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