Color Coding for Productivity

It is no secret that color plays an important role in the workplace. Choosing the right color for your office can influence productivity among employees. The same can be said for using colors to get organized, especially with task lists, paperwork, a [...]

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Selecting the Right Chairs for Your Office

Chair selection is one of the many tasks a design team has to accomplish. It is selecting the right chair at the right price point, purpose and comfort while ensuring that it complements the overall interior design. I have been involved with this pro [...]

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Office Culture: Redbox

I am sure you've heard of Redbox, the company who created the little kiosk at your local convenience store and has revolutionized the video rental industry. They have even built the ecosystem around the box allowing you to see inventory and reserve v [...]

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Working on a Block Schedule

If you struggle to get things done on time and always feel like you're running behind, the concept of a "block schedule" might be something you want to try. A block schedule simply means that you create several smaller to-do lists each day instead of [...]

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Whiteboards for Any Office Environment

Whiteboards are great for collaborating, promoting creativity, and brainstorming with your team. They are easy to incorporate into your office. From large scale walls to small boards, it is possible for any size space to utilize whiteboards for a wid [...]

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Pets in the Office

Here is Ace the Sheltie, with a big heart and a lot of fur. He is my office companion (my office is my living room most days). My workspace may not be a typical one, even though mobile work is increasing day by day. But you don’t have to work at home [...]

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