A Platform for Experimentation: Bassline Table as a Design Tool

Using Turnstone’s new Bassline Table as a platform for experimentation, 12 first-year graduate students from the Rochester Institute of Technology Industrial Design Graduate Program explored the physical attributes of this mutable table.

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Our Favorite Office Design Trends of the Year

Turnstone’s design experts have selected their favorite 2018 office design trends. 2017 brought us favorites like nubby fabrics, taupe-focused palettes, and lots of green. In 2018, the trend for more natural, vitality-themed offices continues. Here are a couple of stand-outs.

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Furniture Pieces to Boost Collaboration and Engage Workers

Just as a sports team needs the right home field to practice, workers need spaces to collaborate where they feel encouraged to share, learn and grow. To create a thriving workplace, a few factors must be met. Sprucing up your space with these tips wi [...]

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