Why Free Food Isn’t Really About Food at All

Entrepreneurs looking to foster startup culture know a thing or two about great perks like free food. Hoping their "if you build it, they will come" attitude will draw talented rock stars, they splurge on organic treats and beer on tap. But much like [...]

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Nature in the Workplace: 6 Ways To Do It Well

Bringing nature into the workplace is not only a beautiful design element, but has been shown to reduce stress, minimize illness and enhance employee wellbeing. Whether your workplace has green spaces inside or access to green spaces outside, the imp [...]

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8 Ways to Increase Wellbeing at the Office

Though ergonomics and sustainability have long been influencing workplace design, wellbeing is the most recent consideration making headlines when planning your space. Wellbeing is a holistic design focusing on the user, aiming to encourage healthy l [...]

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How to Foster Wellbeing to Boost Creativity in the Workplace

As both emerging and established companies seek to infuse their workplaces with creativity, disruptive thinking and innovative products and services, founders and CEOs clamor to unlock secrets that might give them a competitive edge. And while the me [...]

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6 Tips for Making Open Offices Work

It seems workers either love open offices or hate them. If you love them, you gush about the increased energy, collaboration, creativity and transparency that comes from impromptu conversations and lack of silos. If you hate them, you complain about [...]

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How to Maximize Success if you’re an Introverted Entrepreneur

My name is Sayeh, and though most people wouldn't guess it, I'm an introvert. Despite being very outgoing and a little loud at times, it's important to remember that not all introverts are shy and timid—they just need a little more space and time awa [...]

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How to Increase Productivity at the Office

Imagine an ideal workday: everything goes according to plan and time for creative work is ample and uninterrupted. As dreamy as that sounds, it’s often unrealistic. And though you can’t always control the events of your workday, you can set yourself [...]

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Need to Work while on Vacation? How to do it the Right Way.

No matter how hard we try, sometimes we just can’t get away from our work, even on vacation. Whether it be a few days or a few weeks, the likelihood of completely abandoning your work during vacations is pretty miniscule. However, having fun and bein [...]

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5 Reasons You Should Stand at Your Next Meeting

In case you've been working in a mine for the last few years and haven't heard this yourself, research is showing that being too sedentary during the work day can be harmful to your health. (Though if you have been working in a mine, you've probably [...]

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Can’t Stop Snacking at Work? Tips on beating the habit.

The office kitchen, stocked full of snacks and sodas, is a temptation to every busy professional. I don’t know about you, but I love munching on trail mix or chocolate covered berries while I’m at the office. It’s like my brain fuel and helps to calm [...]

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Finding Balance: When You Need to Work While on Vacation

Ahhh... summer is here. And with summer comes a slower, more relaxing schedule—or not! If you're a small business owner with only a few employees or the owner and ONLY employee, you know that it's basically impossible to ever completely take time off [...]

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