10 Ways Management Can Model Wellbeing

It’s taken us a while to recognize what Eastern cultures have acknowledged for centuries: wellbeing involves more than a gym membership—it encompasses the mental, physical and emotional aspects of individuals. Steelcase research not only supports thi [...]

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10 Healthy BYO Lunch Ideas

Brown-bagging is the new power lunch! It’s healthier, cheaper, and more accommodating than eating out. If you do it right, it’s even more convenient. If you find yourself wincing over memories of the cream-cheese-and-jelly sandwiches of your youth, t [...]

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How to Work Without Neck Pain

There is nothing worse than having pain all day while you're working. You're trapped at your desk, but you've got a stack of to-do's that you've got to power through. Suddenly, you're noticing some pain that wasn't there before. Sound like you? It co [...]

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