Choosing the Best Color for Your Office: Red

2017-10-06T21:43:13+00:00October 5th, 2017|Workplace Design|

It’s time to bring color into the office.

Everyone wants offices that support workers and bring out the best in people. In the past, having desks and a place to sit was good enough for many, but as workplaces evolve and expectations rise, it’s evident that design and color play a key part in an efficient, happy work environment.

Last time, we focused on how adding a lively green color can benefit your office. This time we’re exploring what the color red can do for your space. Warm tones of red stimulate senses and inspire confidence. Red brings individuality and excitement to spaces, warming our minds for intense tasks and work. Bold tones, like turnstone’s signature spicy and tantalizing red color, Chili, are engaging and passionate. Like juicy strawberries or a setting sun lighting the sky, red is enticing and eye-catching.

Color psychology

When you’re trying to accentuate something, red is a go-to color solution. It demands attention and affects our bodies, getting our blood pumping, enhancing metabolism and making us more alert. In a study of how color affects work, researchers at the University of British Columbia found that red helps accuracy and detail-oriented work.

But be careful: red should be used in moderation. An excess is overly stimulating, while small doses encourage energy.

Perfect pairs

Red brings a spark of personality to your space by:

  • Establishing a dynamic space when paired with soft greys for a cozy, elegant feel
  • Creating a playful tone with other bright hues like yellow and orange
  • Warming a room with layers of deep, subtle blues
  • Acting as an accent in neutral rooms with black and white foundations

Find Furniture

Ready to integrate red into your space? Check out these products: