Choosing the Best Color for Your Office: Blue

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It’s time to bring color into the office.

Office design should accommodate multiple types of work and a variety of workers. Whether your team is engaged in creative thinking, quiet independent work or group projects, your office should offer different spaces that support what employees need to be productive and happy. But besides the design and floorplan of your office,  color is a key decision to make. Color has the power to influence people, and choosing the right one is integral. One of the best colors out there? Blue.

Bassline Table

Blue is satisfying like fresh water and strong and dependable like clear, unbroken sky. A common choice in Mother Nature’s palette, light tones are uplifting and linked to creativity while dark tones are serene and remind people of safety. Turnstone’s shade offerings range from deep, resonant navy to sea-electric turquoise.

Color psychology

Blue is one of the most popular colors in the world; it ranks the highest across 10 countries on 4 different continents. It spans across languages and cultures, making it universally loved. In a Cambridge psychological study, even rhesus monkeys preferred blue over other colors. Companies across the world use the color in their marketing strategies, using its popularity to sway customers. Why? Because of its winning qualities. We see blue throughout nature, and when paired with green, the association makes it calming and stabilizing, characteristics perfect for the office. Because it has a low wavelength and isn’t straining on our eyes, blue supports efficiency and focus, a great fit for many spaces and companies.

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Perfect pairs

Add blue to your office by:

  • Layering different hues of grey to create a space ideal for intense mental work that requires concentration and focus.
  • Using subtle, faded tones as a neutral with an accent color like yellow to create a bright, balanced room.
  • Adding it to a grounded space with simple, textured taupes and warm browns for a relaxing and calming space.

Shortcut X Base in Matte Brass

Find Furniture

Ready to integrate blue into your space? Check out these turnstone products in blue: