Choosing the Best Color for Your Office: Brown

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It’s time to bring color into the office.


If you want to make the most of your office, start with color. When it comes to supporting specific kinds of work, comfortability and style, the color palette in your workspace is key. This time, we’re focusing on an often underrated but surprisingly effective color: Brown.

It’s easy to push brown aside for brighter, flashier colors. But its shades are expansive. From rich dark chocolate to gold-tinged tones to modern taupes, the possibilities are endless. The earthiness of a deep brown is comforting while russet shades are warm and lighter tones are great neutrals. The color rose in popularity as 2017 design trends focused on nature-inspired design. Turnstone’s design experts love incorporating some shade of brown in color palettes. So what does it do for your space and workers?

Color psychology
Much like the effect of green on the workplace, brown is grounding, perfect for biophilic design. As a natural color, its strength lies in its stability and restorative qualities. Any design element that evokes our connection to nature has the capability of comforting and relaxing us. Many of the brown-colored nature elements represent support, like the security and stability of tree trunks or the solidity of earthy ground.

It can unify the various furniture and design choices to create a harmonizing and nurturing space. Wood varies from light yellows to deep reds, each shade unique despite being under the umbrella of brown. It also pairs well with a number of other colors and their own affects on us to create rounded, complex spaces.

Perfect pairs
Add brown to your office by:

  • Choosing wooden furniture with shades of vibrant greens for a grounded, down-to-earth space.
  • Layering calming blues with taupes to create a restorative, bright area reminiscent of beach days.
  • Designing varying types of textured browns like wood and nubby fabrics with subtle, pale yellows or pinks for welcoming, homey workplace.

The great news: Brown works in so many different ways! A warmer alternative to other neutrals like black and white, it can do wonders to brighten up your space. If you’d like more help on how to design your office, schedule a free call with one of turnstone’s design experts!

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