Choosing the Right Office Location

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When I began leasing an office of my own last year, it marked the end of years of working from my house, from local coffee shops or from a friend’s extra desk. Now, some 6 months later, the decision has probably been one of the best I’ve made for two reasons:

  1. Separation – It is now much easier to separate my work life from my home life. I’ve been able to establish a good routine when the distractions of home (laundry, dishes, baby) aren’t staring me in the face, begging for my attention.
  2. Ready to Work – My office space is outfitted with all of the things I need to get my work done: computer, files, books, storage AND…the always important coffee machine.

Even though there are some great benefits to having an office, choosing the right office was an integral part of making the space have maximum impact on me and my company.

Choosing the Right Location for MY Company

Price, amenities and size are all obviously necessary and important aspects to any search for office space. But for me, once all of those factors were weighed, it was the location that sealed the deal. Prices and size being equal, I would choose to work in a boring office space in a great location over a great office in a boring location every time.

What made the office location I chose the best? Proximity to home.

At only a mile from my home, walking to and from work is now baked into my day which has been a great way to increase my daily movement. A quick calculation tells me I’ve walked 200+ miles so far. We also only have one car, which my wife uses, so manual transportation was a must.

Any other reasons the office location is so great? Proximity to everything else.

Since moving in, I’ve noticed that my office is very close to a wide variety of other businesses and services that I use on a regular basis—and all are within a 2 block radius:

  • bank / landlord
  • post office / Fedex / UPS
  • coffee / restaurants / grocery store
  • public parking

There have been countless times when I’ve been able to quickly run an errand rather than driving all around town making multiple stops and fighting traffic.

Choosing the Right Office Location for YOUR Company

Choosing the right location for your company is going to come down to the particular needs that your company has. If you don’t need to be near a bank or shipping facilities, or don’t mind driving to get to them, then those aren’t going to be points to consider.

But what are some other things you should consider when searching for the right office location? I’m glad you asked:

  • Brand Image: The SBA believes choosing an office location consistent with your company image is important. If you want to show clients that your company is young and hip, choosing a boring location isn’t going to be a move in the right direction.
  • Commute/Transport: AMEX Open notes that your office location should take into account your employees’ commuting needs. Locating near a public transportation stop or hub is not only convenient—it’s a perk you’ll be able to offer prospective talent as your company grows. It also makes it easy for your existing team to come into the office.
  • Growth Potential: Entrepreneur says you should consider whether your company will grow out of your space too quickly. Often, office sizes and parking options are dependent on where your company is located. Don’t forget to plan wisely for future expansion.
  • Client Access: Bplans explains that for client-facing office spaces, you should consider whether your guests will be able to find and park at your office easily. If your “perfect location” is hard to get to, consider the impact it might have on getting customers in the door.
  • Convenience to Amenities: Because I like going out for coffee and lunch every once in a while, being nearby shops and restaurants is a factor that I take into account. If your business plans to host events and will depend on catering, take into account the distance and driving time to your favorite vendors.

What factors are most important to you when selecting the right office location?