Coworking Spaces: What You Can Expect

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Coworking is redefining how we work. A community of support has proven invaluable for startups to grow and flourish. Coworking office spaces like Grind in New York City, RocketSpace in San Francisco, and WorkBar in Boston, are popular choices for startups. The demand for a desk in these spaces has risen significantly, and new coworking spaces are opening all the time.

One of the appeals of coworking is the flexibility. Many memberships for a desk can be reserved daily, weekly, and so on. There is no need for you to be chained to a cubicle for the standard 8+ hours a day. This “come and go as you please” mentality provides the freedom for companies that don’t need to be (or have to be) at a single location all the time. 

Coworking is more than a desk. It is a great community atmosphere that is also system of support.. The network of people around you aren’t competition; they are allies. At RocketSpace, they believe “you are the company you keep”, and enjoying the same space as companies that are passionate and driven might just inspire you.


RocketSpace, San Francisco

Lots of exciting projects are born at coworking spaces, and they are nurtured there too. Recently, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced the upcoming launch of a Windows 8 App Lab. It will be hosted at RocketSpace, which is an accelerator for seed-funded technology startups. You may recognize some of their alumni, companies such as Zaarly, Zappos, and Podio.

The Microsoft Windows 8 App Lab is great for the community at RocketSpace.  “Ballmer was direct when laying out the opportunities he envisioned: ‘

[Windows 8] is going to create a heck of a lot of opportunity for folks in this room to make millions,’ he predicted” (quoted from the RocketSpace blog).


Ballmer addressing a sold-out crowd at RocketSpace

Every coworking space is unique. A new cast of characters keeps things fresh, and instead of coworkers working for the same company, you get a chance to meet a wide variety of professionals with different backgrounds and specialties. A constant available interaction opportunity means more connections made from those around you; even if they don’t have work for you, they might know someone that does.

In a typical communal workspace, there is usually an open floor plan, and groups of desks to encourage creativity between your neighbors. Private rooms are available to reserve for private phone calls and meetings. 


RocketSpace private room, Turnstone desks and chairs

If you want to find an open desk in your area, check out Loosecubes, which shows available desks in your area. LiquidSpace helps you find the perfect meeting spot or place to work. Both of these sites are free, and you just pay for the space you use.

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