How to Design an Energizing Cafeteria for your Office

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Since childhood, we’ve memorized designated lunch times, glancing at the clock every five minutes until freedom and food. As workers, the cafeteria is an integral part of the workplace culture, where we find respite and meet to connect and collaborate with colleagues. According to Steelcase research, 91% of employees say it’s important to have a space where they can recharge. A successful work cafe does just that while providing areas to focus and socialize.

Here are some tips on how to create a coveted cafe destination

Welcoming Design

It’s all in the details. Artwork, lighting and music establish an inviting and lively atmosphere while also maintaining the culture you’ve cultivated in the office. Choose abstract, modern artwork to encourage creativity, and available natural light or access to an outdoor eating area will give workers their dose of vitamin D for a boost of energy. Place a bowl of fresh fruit in the middle of a dining area for some color and to promote wellbeing. Creating a relaxing yet vibrant ambiance will draw workers in and keep them energized and productive.

Adding a residential feel to your company cafeteria provides comfort and a piece of home to the office.

Shortcut X Base’s modern design fits in any setting and brings warmth to the space. Its generous seat and signature cut out shell work together to create a flexible and comfortable chair that supports you as you lean back, turn to your neighbor and move around.

lounge cafe

Access to Technology

With the increase of mobile workers, your cafeteria needs to support technology for people that want to work in a more open and casual setting. Sharing, creating and collaborating need to be possible everywhere because you never know when an idea will strike. Incorporating digital screens next to an open table like Campfire Big Table keeps the lines of communication open while eating. Big Table Receptacles provide convenient, pop-up power for a quick charge, so you can continue socializing with colleagues instead of having to find an outlet in a far-off, distant corner.

office cafe

Zones Tailored to Needs

Cafeterias also need to accommodate a variety of work. Designing different areas for a specific purpose gives workers the ability to choose where and how they want to work. Establish a zone for socializing, for meetings and for independent work. Providing alternative workspaces supports employee freedom and boosts productivity by offering choice and control.

Add Big Table with some Scoop stools for an inviting and open space to socialize or pair a couple Jenny Round chairs with a glass top Paper Table for lunch and a brainstorming session.