How to Design a Stunning Modern Office

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Modern style: a classic and popular design aesthetic for offices and homes alike. Contrary to common belief, this design does not equal whatever is currently in style. Mid-century modern, referring to the time period between the 1940’s and 1960’s, laid the foundations for what we now consider modern design. Those foundations remain hugely popular due to its timeless look and sleek beauty.

If you’re looking to transform your workplace or home office, check out these ideas:

Clean Lines

Strong, straight lines and crisp angles create an uncluttered, professional look that modern design is known for. The base used to support turnstone’s Bassline and Bivi Rumble Seat is designed to be discreet and elegant, while Campfire Slim Table’s angled legs and top help create geometric, classy settings. Scoop’s thin legs and sleek seat keeps things fresh and pairs well with standing height tables for a visually light design. If modern is the goal, focus on uncluttered horizontal and vertical lines when choosing your furniture.

Natural Materials

Materials like wood and metals work well to ground your space, especially for more of a mid-century modern feel. Customize a Bassline table with a glass or reflective metal top for a clean, shiny surface or a wood veneer finish for a more organic feel. Either way, the use of these materials will refresh and strengthen your space.

Neutral Colors

To further establish a minimalistic aesthetic that is the basis for modern style, choose a color scheme that pulls from natural, earthy tones like shades of brown or more monochromatic, neutral colors like white, black and gray. Accentuate and lighten the space by adding a pop of deep color like the yellow Campfire Big Lamp, Ottoman, and Simple Table. Be wary of opposing, clashing colors that shock rather than calm.

Open Space

For a clean look, pick furniture with exposed legs like the ones on Shortcut X Base, Scoop, Bivi Rumble Seat and Trunk. Raised tables and wire frame legs create the feeling of openness and flowing air.

Large Windows

Set up work areas next to wide, unadorned windows to achieve a truly modern style. The natural light expands the room and freshens the space.

Above all, modern design favors functionality over form, hence the emphasis on straight lines and natural shapes. Spaces styled this way are simple and usually unadorned, but stunning the same.

Marion Jamet is the Digital Marketing Intern at turnstone. Writer by day, reader by night, she loves exploring the endless beauty of the written word. Marion has contributed to various marketing and creative projects, social platforms, and is currently working on her first novel.