Easy Cleaning Routines Keep your Office Looking Good

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At then end of a workday, there’s already a lot on your mind: the events of the past few hours, what you’re doing when you get home, what to have for dinner, etc. The last thing most people think about is the (technically non-mandatory) task of cleaning your office and or developing a routine to keep your space looking good.

Just about everyone knows that a clean, uncluttered space is a significant mood and productivity booster, but when’s the last time you really cleaned your office? And no, I’m not talking about shoving your trash into a drawer! If you can’t remember the last time you gave your office a thorough cleansing, it’s probably time to do it.Here are some office organization ideas I use to keep my workspace nice and tidy.

Start with Clear Surfaces

If you can’t even see your desktop, you probably shouldn’t be putting on your rubber gloves just yet. The first step of office cleaning is to clear all surfaces of any folders, loose papers and excess clutter – anything that’s clogging up your workspace.

If you’ve got time, organize

If your current method of organization is to stuff everything you’re not using in a box under your desk, it’s time to rethink your sorting methods and utilize desktop organizers. Turnstone makes quite a few desktop organizers including the Bivi Top Shelf, Floating Side Storage, and Canopy. Having a place for everything (and knowing where that place is) makes the actual job of cleaning remarkably easier, faster and much less overwhelming. Even just 5 minutes a day of organizing will make a difference.

Wipe, Dust, Vacuum

Once you have your office straightened, it’s time to get down to the actual sanitizing. Dust all of your flat surfaces and wall decorations (even if you need a step-ladder), and then wipe your desk, tables, keyboard and other items that get touched frequently with disinfecting wipes. Don’t be afraid to go over the same surface more than once if it needs the extra attention. Lastly, vacuuming the floors (even if you don’t eat in your office) makes a noticeable difference.

The trick to maintaining a clean office space is not to save all the work to do at one time; split it up so you’re doing one or two tasks a day, and you’ve only spared about twenty extra minutes out of your week. At the very least, always keep disinfecting wipes and a refillable duster somewhere in your immediate office space. The closer your cleaning supplies are to you, the more frequently you’re likely to use them.

How often do you clean your office? Talk to me on Twitter @myturnstone or @officestylist.

Easy Cleaning Routines