Engaging Student Spaces that Help Change How We Learn

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Classrooms aren’t the only spaces where learning takes place. Thanks to technology, learning can happen anywhere on campus, including spaces that typically used to be viewed as social areas. Because of this, it’s become more important than ever to provide a range of student spaces that help facilitate learning outside the classroom.

The Bivi Team Table configuration of a Bivi Bundle includes support for a centrally located monitor that helps students participate in things like webinars and distance learning classes.The Bivi Team Table configuration of the Bivi Bundle features a centrally located monitor that everyone in a group is easily able to see.

Technology Centers for Groups

Libraries have always played an important role in education, but over the years, they’ve become much more than a place to find books. At many schools and universities, libraries provide valuable access to computers, software programs, and other types of technology students need to use to complete assignments. Group work can be very beneficial for students, but it’s not always easy for groups to share technology. Creating media learning centers, like Bivi Bundle’s Bivi Team Table configuration, make it convenient for groups to share information, prepare for presentations, and participate in webinars or distance learning programs.

This library lounge area includes a variety of seating styles to accommodate group work, including Campfire Big Sofas for larger groups, Scoop Stools for one-on-one conversations, and Campfire Ottomans for individuals.This lounge area helps support groups large and small, with Campfire Big Lounges to accommodate larger groups, Simple Standing Tables with Scoop Stools for one-on-one conversations, and Campfire Ottomans that are perfect for individuals. The space also features Campfire Slim Tables and Campfire Big Lamps.

Inviting Spaces for Collaboration

When students need to work together on a project, the library will always be a popular place to meet up. But when libraries feature comfortable, inviting lounge areas, libraries become a hub for learning and social interaction. They become the kind of environment students look forward to spending time in and help make learning more enjoyable. Finding the right seating is an important step towards designing a library lounge area students won’t be able to resist. Campfire Big Lounges are a highly versatile lounge seating option that helps make students feel relaxed so they can better concentrate on group discussions and the tasks they’re working on.

A Campfire Screen is used with a Jenny Round Low chair to create a comfortable space where students can study in peace by themselves.With a Campfire Screen to block out distractions, this corner is turned into a cozy space where students can really get down to work. This space also features a Jenny Round Low Chair, a Campfire Footrest, and Campfire Skate Table.

Areas for Solo Study

For students who really need to focus on an assignment or to study without distraction, the library is supposed to be a place that will help them get things done. But since libraries are very active spaces, occupied by students who have a wide range of educational needs, it’s important not to forget about those who need quiet spaces where they can work by themselves. Setting up portable screens, such as Campfire Screens, is a simple way to create designated areas where students can focus in peace.

With a Campfire Lounge System, it's easy to create a comfortable lounge for students that will help support important conversations before and after class.This Campfire Lounge System can be used to offer a comfortable place adjacent to classrooms where people can work together and have conversations before and after class.

Student Lounge Areas

If a good discussion gets started during class, wouldn’t it be nice to keep it going afterward? Or maybe it would be helpful for students to have a place where they could talk about things they’ve learned before class begins. When comfortable lounge areas are conveniently placed near classrooms, it’s easy for these kinds of valuable conversations to happen naturally. A Campfire Lounge System, for example, can be configured to create a comfortable and stylish lounge areas students are sure to love.

Thinking outside the classroom gives you lots of opportunities to improve student experiences. Need more ideas for creating engaging student spaces? Browse the full selection of Turnstone products or schedule a call with our design team. Our team can work with you to create spaces that help support the needs of your students so they can be as successful as possible.