Entrepreneurial Motivation to Jump-Start your Week

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Hey Entrepreneur — Looking for inspiration to carry you through another work week? Munch on this:

I start every workday with 45 minutes of yoga and meditation, followed by writing in my journal. I take time to reflect on recent wins to get amped for the week ahead. This routine sets a positive, productive tone for my day. – Elana Reinholtz, Founder/CEO, Bird + Stone


I generally take a look at my calendar on Sunday night to plan for Monday morning. Then I schedule in my to-do list and make appointments for the week ahead. I aim for a good night’s sleep (7-9 hours), a healthy breakfast, and some good coffee each weekday morning to get my day off to the right start. – Julia Wojnar, Founder, Unleash Your Presence


I’m one of those “I can do anything that I want” types, which has its downfalls … except when I plan efficiently and choose to not let my inbox dictate my “I can do anything” day! As a startup founder and president of a global organization, in any given week I have tasks to accomplish across multiple projects and time zones! Here’s how I prepare for Monday: I organize my tasks by project on one visual task list that I update frequently during the day. Each project has its own column and the tasks associated with it are listed within that column. Every time I complete a task, I highlight it in green (green is associated with positive feelings of success!). The color contrast helps me visually see when I’ve worked too much on one project and have neglected others. On Sunday night, I take a look at what’s ahead for that week and remove all the highlighted (completed) tasks. – Jessica Sobhraj, CEO, Cosynd and President, Women in Music


Every Monday I lead a 10 am all-team standup meeting where we, as a company, plan for the upcoming week. My routine is to head to Starbucks an hour or so before that all-team meeting to reflect on the previous week (iced latte and bagel in-hand), as well as to set my goals for the week ahead. – Shriya, President, Assembled


I review my calendar, and then I organize the post-it notes containing my to-do list items on the wall and desk of my office. I find it satisfying to toss post-it notes away when a task is completed! I also meditate to put the week ahead in focus. – Andrew Och, President/Public Speaker/Historian/Author/Documentarian, First Ladies Man


Here’s a typical Sunday for me: I check my OmniFocus 2 and align my tasks for the next day. I confirm any upcoming travel, review any scheduled talks or presentations, and set a goal of inbox zero before the week begins. I say a Rosary. Menu planning and heading to the farmer’s market to buy vegetables for the week, round out my routine. – Tarah Wheeler, website security czar, Symantec


My “Monday Morning Motivation Three Step Action Plan” goes as follows: (1) Make a to-do list of everything I want to get done for the week; (2) Circle the top three things that absolutely need to get done and how long it will take me to do each of those things; and (3) Take out my calendar and block the time to work on those top three priorities. – Kamala Chambers, Launch Strategist, ThrivingLaunch.com


Sunday evening yoga with my favorite instructor leaves me feeling centered and ready to start my week. I like to schedule a creative activity on Sundays like writing, cooking, painting, visiting a book store or museum, plus taking a nap. A Sunday nap feels so decadent. – Kim Nicol, Facilitator & Mindfulness Teacher


My week doesn’t start on Monday. I love the peace and quiet of Sundays, so I have always set up my productivity system to start my week on Sunday. All of my weekly reporting goes out to clients on Sunday, so they arrive on Monday with a clear understanding of where their social media channels are, what opportunities exist, and our goals for the week. This way, Monday is my Tuesday and I get a running start on the week. By Friday I find that I’m caught up and structure Friday and Saturday as my weekend. I love the feeling of being ahead on the week. – Krista Whitley, CEO, Social Media Unicorn


As a leadership and career coach, my workweek usually begins on Sunday evenings. I am often helping a client prep and strategize for her week ahead. For myself, I try to get a tough workout in on Sunday, cook and spend time outside. That energizes me. – Stacey Staaterman, Founder, Staaterman Coaching

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