Entrepreneurs Drive Startup Culture with Passion

2016-12-01T19:13:49+00:00August 19th, 2015|Startup Culture|

Over the past year, turnstone has spent time observing, talking to and studying more than a dozen founder-led companies across the United States. We’ve taken tours of their companies and shared dinners together. We’ve watched their scooters blaze down hallways and have peeked in on collaboration rooms marked by beanbags and brightly-painted walls.

But most of all, we’ve witnessed the unrelenting passion and commitment to a goal exhibited by these companies. We’ve seen entrepreneurs lead with authenticity and in a way that celebrates each personality on their team. And we’ve seen them move at a speed and with a level of agility that raised the bar even for our own efforts.

So from now until September 19, 2015, we’re shining a light on the “startup culture” we’ve been studying. We’re clapping our hands for the many ways this kind of environment is displayed across companies big and small, young and old. Because no matter the size, age or industry, we believe that great culture is a game changer. And we believe that you can take steps to build your own, today.

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Entrepreneurs Drive Startup Culture With PAssion