Our Favorite Office Design Trends of the Year

2018-04-18T14:38:23+00:00April 13th, 2018|Workplace Design, Product Solutions|

We asked turnstone’s design experts to share their favorite office design trends of the year so far. 2017 brought us favorites like nubby fabrics, taupe-focused palettes, and lots of green. In 2018, the trend for more natural, vitality-themed offices continues. Here are some of the stand-outs:

Colors to remember

Pantone started the year by announcing their 2018 Color of the Year: Ultra Violet. This paved the way for other mature, contemplative colors to rise in popularity. Deep shades of purple, blue and red star in warm palettes that create inspiring and creative spaces necessary for future-oriented, innovative work.

Think green

Biophilic design took over last year, from living walls to nature-inspired patterns to plant-based space dividers. This year, the trend is here to stay, augmenting employee wellbeing and satisfaction. Not only is appearance be impacted, but “going green” impacts the design of our buildings and offices as the importance environmental awareness and sustainability continues to play an integral role in businesses and homes alike.

Textures that matter

The lines between home and office are blending as workers crave more comfortable, warm spaces to work. To design modern offices that welcome and inspire, we’re relying on minimalistic and complex textures in our materials. Engaging workers through sensory design is a solution many companies are using this year.

Lounge back

For the same reasons textures play an important role in offices, lounge settings continue to gain popularity in 2018. Comfortable yet supportive and durable lounge chairs and tables create the environments workers need to communicate and develop fresh ideas effectively.

More choices for privacy

As companies continue to rethink the open office design plan, employees are looking for ways to adapt to flexible and changing environments. Being able to find focus and respite when working in a collaborative space is key. Mobile screens allow workers to create privacy and concentration wherever they want.

Light the way

The lighting we choose for our offices can establish how we work and feel. Employees spend hours staring at computer screens, so lighting spaces with the correct tones are necessary to support wellbeing. Our designers promote natural light as much as possible so workers can benefit from the mood-boosters like serotonin.


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