Featured Story: Scout Branding

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Repurposing an old bottle factory into a really cool office space is exactly what Scout Branding did. Turnstone took the bare space, and transformed the old building into a modern office. The visual expression of their philosophy unites brand and culture.

The drastic change from a vintage factory to beautiful workspace speaks true to the character of this branding firm. Scout is in a southern city, while working with important clients all over. This type of office is not something you might expect from a small business in Alabama. When asked why he was drawn to Turnstone furniture and the bivi desk systems, Paul Crawford said, “it was a clean, cool, functional, and simple to install piece of furniture”.

The large open space allows for easy collaboration without being cramped, and the employees work at bivi tables. The warm tones make this an inviting space to be in, making it a home away from home while still maintaining the air of professionalism.

Scout Branding now has a gorgeous office that is a place employees love to work in.

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