Fun Zone: How the Office Lounge Can Help Rejuvenate Your Culture

2019-02-25T22:07:51+00:00February 25th, 2019|Workplace Design|

We all need some fun in our lives, even at work. All work and no play simply isn’t healthy for anyone and it’s hard to feel motivated to go into the office every day if you have no reason to expect that anything at least a little bit fun might happen there.

Work is a major part of our lives, so why shouldn’t it be something to look forward to? When workplaces allow for fun, people are more likely to be more motivated, less stressed, and more satisfied with their jobs. It’s also an excellent way to improve company culture. In one survey by Turnstone, 90% of respondents said that company culture has a positive impact on helping employees be more productive and creative, attracting and retaining customers and top talent, and growing the company to be more profitable.

To make your company’s culture as strong as it can be, you can’t just hope it happens on its own. You need a space that helps support culture and office lounges can play a key role in bringing a little fun into your workplace so that you can build the kind of culture you want to have.

People spend time in an office lounge that features a Campfire Lounge System in a serpentine configuration.A Campfire Lounge System in a serpentine configuration is the central point of a lounge area that supports both work and play. The space also features Bassline Asymmetrical Tables, a Bassline Bench, and a Campfire Ottoman.

There are many different ways companies have tried to make going to work more fun, but no matter what your plans are, adding some comfortable lounge seating is a perfect way to start. Residential-style seating helps remind people of being at home so they can better relax and enjoy themselves and Campfire Lounge Systems can really put a new twist on the office lounge. Not only is it extremely comfortable, the corner lounge sections give you a lot of room to get creative with configurations. You could create a seating island, a serpentine style arrangement, and more.

Two Shortcut X Base Chairs and a Campfire Ottoman are arranged to accommodate people in an office lounge. A Campfire Personal Table is also used in the space.Campfire X Base Chairs, a Campfire Ottoman, and a Campfire Personal Table make it easy for this lounge to keep up with evolving needs.

For spaces to allow for fun, they need to be flexible. When people are having fun, they might need to rearrange a lounge to make it suit their needs. In addition to residential-style seating, don’t forget to add some lightweight seating options to help meet that need for flexibility. Shortcut X Base Chairs, Campfire Poufs, Campfire Ottomans, and Bassline Benches all can be picked up and rearranged at a moment’s notice. Or for something different, try adding a Buoy or two to allow for active sitting.

An overhead view of two Bassline Asymmetrical Tables, which bring a unique look to an office lounge.Bassline Asymmetrical Tables add a very unique look to an office lounge.

What are some of the fun things you’d like your team to be able to do in your lounge? Have snacks? Play games? In any case, a table will probably be very useful. Bassline Occasional Tables and Bassline Asymmetrical Tables are extremely versatile, available in a wide range of sizes and finishes, so they’re a natural fit in any space. Or you could get really creative and create a custom tabletop to go with a Bassline Custom Top Platform.  

Two women take a break in an office lounge to have fun looking through magazines. A Bassline Box Top Table is next to a Campfire Lounge System and a Campfire Ottoman is also in the area.The Bassline Box Top Table next to the Campfire Lounge System provides convenient storage for books and magazines for people to enjoy during breaks.

Are there any things you’d like to keep in your lounge that people could have fun with? Maybe some books and magazines, games, puzzles, or some decks of cards? If so, you’ll need some storage options. Bassline Box Top Tables provide space for storage as well as a surface to work on. Or if you prefer a freestanding storage unit, Bassline Storage, Bivi Trunks, and Bivi Depot Shelving are all great choices for lounge areas.

Looking for more ways to turn your office lounge into a fun zone? We can help. Contact our design team and tell us about your space and your goals. Once we learn about your space, we’ll get to work designing a space you’ll love.