Furniture Pieces to Boost Collaboration and Engage Workers

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Just as a sports team needs the right home field to practice, workers need spaces to collaborate where they feel encouraged to share, learn and grow. To create a thriving workplace, a few factors must be met. Sprucing up your space with these tips will boost collaboration and get your team engaged.

A Touchdown Area

According to the Leesman Index, two of the top features necessary for collaboration are easy accessibility of colleagues and informal work areas, or “breakout zones.” Engage workers by welcoming them to gather around Campfire Big Table, the perfect anchor for your zone. Its wide surface area is an invitation for your teammates to join you for lunch, an impromptu meeting or quick check-in.

A Piece of You

Bassline, turnstone’s latest table, promotes one of the most valued aspects of startups: personality. Bassline’s customization capabilities allow you to design a space that reflects who you are. Pick a table top that fits your space, or add your own to showcase what makes your office special.

Modern and versatile, Bassline anchors lounge settings and welcomes teamwork. Its innovative platform makes it easy to add a marble top, a barn door or a manhole cover. Not ready to find your own custom top? Turnstone’s beautifully crafted standard tops come in multiple different shapes and sizes and allow you to set the tempo of your space.

A Home for Your Ideas

Let yourself dream big, think hard and brainstorm freely with Campfire Paper Table. It was made to stir ideas, develop plans and encourage teamwork. Just pair it with a couple of Buoys and watch the magic happen. Write on a replaceable stack of white paper, tear off a sheet to start fresh, or use white board markers on the glass top and wipe it clean afterward. Pass your ideas to the person next to you with Paper Table’s rotating top. The sturdy base offers stability under the weight of ideas and elbows, and the smaller top size creates a more intimate gathering.

A Place to Focus

Traditional desks may limit traffic flow, cut your teammates off or hinder workers from exploring the office. Easy access to collaboration and relationship-building sets a foundation for a positive company culture. Bivi offers wide surface area to work but doesn’t tie anyone down. Workers stay connected while enjoying their own space.  Its modular-built design expands and contracts with your growing company, enabling you to easily adding Bivi tables as more people join your team.

With standing and sitting capabilities, workers have the ability to move, shake things up and stay active physically and mentally. To discover the benefits of standing up, read our blog post here.

An Oasis Without Isolation

Along with having open space where conversations are welcomed, teammates need the ability to seek privacy and feel secure. Open office plans allow for agility and freedom to work where you find the most productivity, a key factor in startup culture. However, sometimes what suits you best is taking a step back from everything around you.

With Campfire Screens and Bivi Screen, you can imitate a private office without closing you off from opportunities to talk with coworkers. Screens single the desire for privacy and cues the need for focus while still being available to other teammates. Use one to add visual privacy, or grab two to feel like you’re getting away without going away.

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