How to Add a Custom Top to Your Bassline Table

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Startup offices around the country have made one thing clear: Custom furniture is taking the spotlight when it comes to office design. Employers are adding unique, personal pieces to the workplace as demand increases for residential spaces that support creative thinking. Turnstone taps into that demand with Bassline tables, which allow people to personalize their workplace.

If you’re looking to transform your office with inspiring spaces where people will love to work, consider adding a few custom tables. With Bassline, we make it easy to create a one-of-a-kind table that turns up the volume on design. Check out the video or follow the steps below.

1. Attach pucks to legs

Align the two middle holes of the pucks to the ones in the legs and use the bolts to screw each into place.

2. Center platform onto custom top and place markers

Place the platform on the back of your custom top and center it. Place sticky pads or tape along the sides of the platform so you can easily attach the custom top later on.

Tip: Make sure to clean your custom top before attaching to minimize debris.

3. Attach legs to platform top

Attach the outside holes of the pucks to the pre-drilled holes in the platform using the screws provided.

4. Remove release liner on hook and loop adhesives

Peel off the sticker on top of the adhesives.

Tip: The hook and loop adhesives allow you to remove and re-attach your custom top.

 5. Add your custom top

Carefully place the platform and legs onto the back of your custom top, using the markers as guides.

Ready to add Bassline to your office? Learn more on our standard table options or the innovative platform we offer to add your own custom top* here.

*Turnstone does not provide services to source custom tops.
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