How to Eliminate Distractions at Work

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We’ve all heard the adage that time is money. Distractions at work are not only frustrating, but they can also add up to a lot of lost productivity. In one study from the University of California – Irvine, it was found that it takes an average of 25 minutes for a person to fully regain their focus on a task after being interrupted.

Open offices have many benefits, but they won’t be achieved if your office doesn’t include flexible spaces that support individual work. With the right tools, you can provide the right mix of spaces that help employees block distractions and stay focused throughout the day.

A Bivi standing height desk from Turnstone with Bivi tackable screens attached to divide workstations.

A Bivi standing height desk is customized with Bivi tackable screens to create privacy between users.

Desk Screens

No matter how much you may like the people you share a desk with, seeing everything they do can be a distraction. Desk screens are a perfect solution to this problem. Bivi metal screens and tackable screens both easily attach to Bivi desks, adding privacy and giving people a chance to personalize their workspaces. Both types of screens can be used to hang up notes, reminders, and personal photos, giving people a sense of ownership over their space.

 A worker focuses at work by using a Clipper Screen to divide the space while sitting on Scoop seating from Turnstone.

Clipper screens are used to create a space in the office where people filter out distractions and focus. Shown here with Scoop seating.

Room Partitions

Blocking distractions doesn’t necessarily mean you always want to be isolated from the rest of the office. Movable screens are excellent for adding privacy in open offices and can be used to create as much or as little privacy as needed. Consider using screens to create zones around the office with varying degrees of seclusion. Campfire screens are semi-transparent and provide just enough privacy to block distractions, but still allow you to feel connected to your surroundings. Clipper screens aren’t as transparent as the Campfire Screens, but they’re perfect for creating privacy in any space.

A woman writes on a Campfire Paper Table while sitting on a Bivi Rumble Seat with a Rumble Seat Hoodie attached to block distractions.

Two Bivi Rumble seats with Rumble Seat Hoodies attached are arranged to create a semi-private area for solo work or collaboration. Shown here with a Campfire Paper table.

Furniture Screens

When you really want to focus, seating with attachable screens can help you feel like you’re getting away without having to actually leave the office. Our Bivi Rumble seat is a comfortable seating solution on its own, but when used with the optional Rumble Seat Hoodie, it can be a perfect place to make a phone call, talk with a coworker, or concentrate on an individual task.

Let’s Get Focused

Need some more ideas to help reduce distractions in your workplace? Schedule a call with our design experts. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your space and we’ll come up with some solutions tailored to your exact needs.