Get Inspired With The Best 2017 Modern Offices

2017-12-21T22:39:28+00:00December 21st, 2017|Workplace Design, Product Solutions|

The best modern office designs of 2017 humanized the workplace by focusing on bringing warmth and functionality to workspaces. Residential-inspired design increased as large organizations everywhere began updating their spaces to support work culture and more creative thinking. The result: modern offices that feel like home, authentic and connected.

Recent research proved the correlation between creating environments that comfort and stimulate workers, and employee productivity and emotional wellness. To do this, designers began incorporating transparent and flexible office design to strengthen workspaces across the world.

Ready for this kind of design but not sure where to start? Our favorites are sure to get you inspired.

Customize and Accessorize

This setting beautifully blends elegance and residential design, an homage to traditional office spaces and the future of office design. The modern chrome light works as an art piece and lends functionality. The neutral black and white color theme is a great base to layer accessories, like the blue and purple pillows. Blue and purple work to establish a calm, tranquil space, where people can go to find respite and manage stress. Customized furniture, like the barn door table in the center, create an authentic, welcoming area for workers and clients alike. They can be personalized to represent a company brand or culture and their values. We love this faded barn door as a table top because of its nod to nature and the warm wood brings to residential-inspired spaces.

Keep it casual and cozy

Lounge furniture continued to revolutionize the office in 2017. The warmth in this casual setting is perfect for socializing and collaborating. The comfortable seating paired with the earthy color palette create a grounded work area and an ideal space to socialize. As alternatives to traditional, primary work settings, residential spaces provide employees with an inspiring, less corporate area to work in. The benefits of cozy, social spaces are numerous, targeting improvements in culture and employee wellbeing.

Layer up those textures

The textures in this workspace make it shine. The key to achieving this look is using differently scaled pieces The rug’s larger pattern varies from the pillow’s busier one and the texture of the marble table. Natural materials like marble continue to grow in popularity in the workplace, playing an integral role in the biophilic movement, design inspired by nature.

Creativity is key

This lively setting is vibrant and stimulating due to its exciting color palette and strong ties to nature. The red tones mixed with other electrifying colors like bright blue and yellow, in addition to the geometric pattern of the rug, result in a creative environment, perfect for breaks at work or quick touchdowns and updates. The large windows allow for natural light to stream in, which energizes and refreshes employees. If you work indoors all day or experience winter where you live, offering spaces with natural light in the office is crucial for fighting off unproductivity and fatigue.