How to Leverage the Extra Space in your Office

2016-12-01T19:13:52+00:00June 16th, 2015|Workplace Design|

Leftover space. At least one of the rooms somewhere in our lives has some, and it’s always an awkward size: not big enough for a couch, but not small enough to leave empty without looking like something’s missing. In a bedroom, it’s relatively easy to find some use for that extra space, but what about in your office?

As much as I love designing and styling spaces, I’m a firm believer in not cluttering your office any more than is necessary. However, I do also believe in having a space that feels complete and useful. If you’re stuck with some leftover office space and struggling to put it to use, ask yourself these questions:


What am I missing?
Have you always wanted a place to store some extra books? Do you love floor plants or artwork? Would you love a dedicated seating area to do your reading? Think about what your office doesn’t have and see if you could make it work in that leftover space. Most people can benefit from a coffee table vignette of an ottoman and topped with a decorative tray and coordinating books. Add a small plant, flower or candle for a nice touch.

Will it serve a purpose?

That being said, it’s also important to consider if you actually need what your office is missing. If you get the bulk of your work done at your desk and the extra space is right next to it, there’s no use in adding another chair just because you can. Only add something if you know you’ll really use.

Would rearranging the room solve the problem?

As exciting as adding something to your office can be, don’t be too quick to whip out your credit card. Observe your space closely and consider if moving some of the furniture around would eliminate the extra space. For example, if your desk is in a tight area and you’d like a bit more breathing room, that leftover space would be better used giving your existing furniture some margin. Leaving that additional space may make your room feel larger, too.

While it may take a bit of tinkering, whenever possible, go for the most cost-effective option that will also deliver a direct impact on your productivity.

What do you do with the extra space in your office? Talk to me on Twitter @officestylist or @myturnstone.