Looking Back at Turnstone’s New Products for 2018

2018-12-10T15:49:09+00:00December 10th, 2018|Product Solutions|

2018 has been a very exciting year for the Turnstone team. All year long, we’ve been hard at work launching several new products that make natural additions to our existing product collections.

Two people enjoy a conversation in an office lounge featuring a Bassline Occasional Table, Bassline Box Top Table, Campfire Lounge Seating, Clipper Screens, and a Campfire Pouf from Turnstone.A Bassline Occasional Table is the centerpiece of this office lounge, with a Bassline Box Top End Table providing a surface between two Campfire Lounges. Shown with a Campfire Pouf and Clipper Screens.

2018 ended on a high note when we turned up the volume on the Bassline Collection. The Bassline Collection started with occasional tables that give users the freedom to set their own tone for a room. The introduction of Box Top Tables and Asymmetrical Tables pick up the pace, creating even more options to choose from. Bassline Asymmetrical Tables add a unique touch to any space while Box Top Tables work hard, bringing visual interest and storage with optional features such as bag drops and power outlets.

A woman hangs a paper on a wall while sitting on a Bassline Bench from Turnstone.Bassline Benches are available in single-color and multi-color styles.

The Bassline Collection also grew beyond tables. This year, we released  Bassline Bench, a seating option that keeps up with the evolving needs of an office. Available in one-seat and two-seat configurations and a wide range of upholstery options, Bassline Benches are highly versatile, making them a perfect fit for any space.

18-0099640In this space, a Campfire Standing Slim Table invites one-on-one conversations and is anchored by Bivi Depot Shelving. Shortcut X Base Chairs and Campfire Poufs provide seating.

Over the year, we also made some new additions to the Campfire Collection. The new Campfire Pouf seating is perfect for lounges, collaborative spaces, or any place where seating is needed at a moment’s notice. With an elegant and lightweight design, Campfire Pouf is easy to pick up and move around as needed.

From sitting to standing, the Campfire Collection supports you all the way. The new Campfire Standing Slim Tables take the elegant style of our popular Campfire Big Tables and makes it work for smaller places like hallways and private enclaves. Changes in posture are very healthy, and Campfire Standing Slim Tables support that by providing a footshelf, which gives people a way to change positions and their shift weight to remain comfortable.

A woman focuses on a task in a semi-private area of the office featuring Clipper Screens, Jenny Club Low chairs, and Campfire Footrests.Clipper Screens are paired with Jenny Club Low chairs to offer areas where people can focus on solo work. Pictured with Campfire Skate Tables and Campfire Footrests.

As open, flexible spaces continue to grow in popularity, we continue to look for ways to help provide balance. In 2018, we introduced Clipper, a lightweight, portable screen that creates privacy on demand. They can be used alone to create privacy for designated solo work zones or multiple screens can be combined to add space definition for larger areas.

In an open office space, a Clipper Screen is used to define collaborative areas for small groups. This space features two Shortcut Wood Chairs.Shortcut Wood Chairs used with Clipper Screens create a welcoming space for two people to collaborate in an open space environment.

Let’s take a shortcut. This year, we introduced some new styles of Shortcut seating, giving you more ways to bring sleek, elegant seating to lounges, cafés, conference rooms, and collaborative areas. Shortcut Wood chairs feature wooden legs that add a warm, natural touch to any space they’re used in while Shortcut X Base chairs have a wire frame base that can be painted in a wide range of colors.

A Campfire Lounge System creates a focal point for an office lounge where people are able to relax and focus in comfort.A Campfire Lounge System creates a comfortable seating area in an office lounge that works well for both solo work and conversations between team members. Pictured with Bassline Shelving (coming in January 2019), a Campfire Ottoman, a Campfire Big Lamp, Campfire Poufs, and a Campfire Standing Slim Table.

Before the year is up, we’ll also be putting a new twist on our popular Campfire Lounge Seating. During NeoCon 2018, we previewed Campfire Lounge System, which introduces new corners to the popular lounges, empowering you to gives you a way to work around corners or to create curved seating arrangements that are perfect for lounge areas.

We’re very excited to have all of these new products as part of our full range of products and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.