How To: Make Cork Terrariums

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While researching and writing this article on how to add green space to your office I fell in love with the Cork Succulent garden. Great texture, original idea and seemingly easy.

You’ll need:

Corks, clippings of your favorite succulents (I have hens and chicks), a small amount of dirt and a knife.
Knife  6603672003_883d7d9818

To start I chose a cork and tested each end standing up, testing it’s sturdiness and the ability to stay level. You’ll want to make your hole in the top of the cork, leaving the wine colored bottom as your level stand.


Use a knife to carve out the middle of the cork about 1/3 of the way down. Your succulent clippings will need room to establish a root.

cut out hole

Wash off and submerge in water then add a pinch of dirt (about your pinky’s tip worth), snip the clipping’s root short and strong then plant!

Set them on your desk, in a window sill or even in a common area for all the enjoy.

Upkeep: to establish a good root system keep the cork or soil damp for a dew days – easiest with a spray bottle or mister. You can also set the corks in a shallow plate and keep the bottom of the cork soaking up water like a wick.

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