How to: Make Engineer Prints for the Office

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At turnstone, we believe that strong office culture has its roots in letting people come to work and be themselves — transparent and unbrushed. Encouraging that level of authenticity in the office begins when the integration of personal items in the work environment is celebrated. Whether that means telling your team to bring in photos of kids and pets, potted plants, desk lamps, vacation souveniers or homemade engineer prints, we give two thumbs up to putting a personal stamp on the workplace.

So when I found this idea via Pinterest (Sugar Bee Crafts), I knew I needed to try this for an Office Environment.

It’s almost too easy, the only step you have is picking out a print and sending it in to Staples or Office Max (any printer who has the capability to print Engineer Prints size: 26X30) and waiting.

It’s also budget friendly: An Engineer Print is a Black and White print only and cost me just $4.99.

For a little added flair you could spray paint (or use a brush) to highlight different aspects of the photo, or color them in. And at $4.99 a pop you could try numerous different designs or variations and have a great wall/wallpaper that is completely unique.

This was my original file I sent to Staples. I converted it to Black and White before sending it over for print so I could control the saturation of the black/white contrast.

And because this is such an easy DIY that will add personality to your office I’m including a few free downloads of photos I’ve taken that might also work for an Engineer Print in your office.

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  1. Click on a photo from the Flickr link below.
  2. From the drop-down menu “Actions” Select “View All Sizes“.
  3. Make sure you select the Original size photo:
  4. Simply Right Click and Save to your desktop.
  5. From there you’re welcome to do as you wish with it, I might suggest converting to Black and White and ordering up an Engineer Print.

Next steps.

When you choose a photo(s) to print and subsequently hang/distort/paint/decorate with them – your assignment is to send us a photo of the finished product and we’ll feature your office here.

Free Downloads

See the set of available photos for free download on Flickr.

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