How to Manage Working Between Offices

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Today’s work environment allows for work to happen in lots of different places. Some of us split time between a home office and company headquarters. Others of us move between zones in our workplace,go to a coworking facility a few days a week, or report to multiple branches or business center locations.

But despite the fact that bouncing around and working remotely is happening more and more, most people still haven’t quite mastered the art of staying productive in different workspaces. Luckily, with a little planning and foresight, it is possible to work between multiple spaces like a pro. Here’s how to stay productive:

Plan ahead

If you have the luxury of knowing when and where you’ll be working each day, take time to plan your week and anticipate the work you’ll be doing in each location. Consider literally scheduling time in your calendar to organize each day, plan your commute, map out additional stops on the way home (pick up that dry cleaning!), or coordinate childcare with your partner. If you know you have a big project you’ll be taking home with you, set a reminder on your phone to bring any necessary materials with you so you don’t end up face-palming once you walk in the door. (Guilty!)

Have a “to go” bag ready

I’ve found it’s a huge help to have an extra workbag at the ready with all the essentials to get work done. Including extra pens, a notebook, a spare computer charger and phone charger, water bottle and granola bar make mornings easier when you’re in a rush. That way, if  you didn’t get a chance to sort through your bag the night before (happens to me all the time!), all you have to do is slip in your computer and datebook and be on your way.

Keep your team in the loop

If it feels comfortable and fits your company culture, consider keeping your team up-to-speed on your whereabouts to keep the lines of communication open and projects moving forward. Some ways to do this might include:

  • sending weekly project updates with your travel plans or work locations for each day
  • making your calendar visible to your immediate team or project group
  • adding your schedule to your email signature, updating it as needed

Make the transition as seamless as possible

Moving multi-part projects between spaces can be tricky. Make it easier on yourself by keeping the big stuff at one location and work on the more “easily transportable” (read: lighter) tasks while you’re on the go. Take advantage of a Cloud program if you do a lot of word processing, or go old-school with a trusty flash drive. There are fewer things to forget with virtual work, which ultimately means less stress over time. And that’s a definite win.

How do you manage working between two different spaces? Let me know on Twitter @myturnstone or @officestylist.