Material Matters: Finding Your Tune With the Bassline Collection

2018-11-20T19:03:12+00:00November 20th, 2018|Product Solutions|

In music, the bassline is the heartbeat of a song, providing a foundation for rhythm, harmony, and melody. With that foundation in place, all the other components come together to create a unique sound.

Think of your workplace as a song. The design of an office acts as a foundation that helps workers find their rhythm and their harmony with each other. With products available in a variety of materials, the new Bassline Collection gives you the options you need to help your company hit all the right notes.

A metal panel with a cut-out pattern adds visual interest to a Bassline Box Top Coffee Table from Turnstone.The unique top of this Bassline Box Top Coffee Table features a painted metal panel with a cut-out design.

The tables in your workspace serve as more than just a work surface: they are a reflection of a company’s personality. Bassline Tables are anything but standard. Their sturdy, scalable platform creates endless possibilities for expression. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and material options to create a personalized table. Bassline Occasional Tables can be purchased in glass, laminate, veneer, and Corian.

When you need a table that can pick up the pace, Bassline Box Top Tables are up for the task. Providing storage in addition to a work surface, these tables also feature a painted metal accent panel. The metal panel can be ordered with or without a cut-out design, and it looks sharp paired with any of the table material options.

Bassline Tables pair well with Campfire Lounge Seating and Bivi Freestanding Rumble Seats, making them unique anchors for lounge areas.

A woman takes a coffee break while sitting on a Bassline Bench in an office lounge.No matter what your style is like, Bassline Benches can make a seamless addition to any space. Pictured with a Campfire Pouf.

Ideas move around, and people move with them. New Bassline Benches can easily adapt to serve as seating, ottomans, or side tables. Built on the same base as Bassline Tables, Bassline Benches offers unique material options to make your space truly unique.

Select contrasting fabrics or thread on the upholstered seat and pair with a side table in a wood, veneer or laminate. Complete the look by selecting your favorite paint color for the base. With so many material options, you can create a Bassline Bench that’s truly personalize to your team and space.

An open office lounge features a range of Turnstone products, including Bassline Storage, a Bassline Table, Campfire Lounge Seating, Clipper Screens, Scoop Stools, and a Campfire Pouf.Bassline Shelving adds storage and definition to this open lounge area. The lounge also features Campfire Lounge Seating, a Bassline table, a Campfire Pouf, Scoop Stools, and Clipper Screens.

Using one common base, we’re able to create many variations on a theme. Not only were we able to use the same base to create both tables and benches, we also created storage solutions meant to take center stage. With a wide variety of door, panel and cutout options, Bassline Storage is highly expressive and always in tune with your unique workspace.

Set the tone for productivity. To bring the expanded Bassline collection to your office, find an authorized Turnstone dealer near you or contact our design team for help planning your space.