How to Choose the Best Materials and Finishes for the Office

2017-08-21T00:12:17+00:00July 20th, 2017|Workplace Design|

Just as fresh ingredients create the foundation for a great meal, the materials and finishes you choose for your office furniture are critical for great workplace design. They have the power to transform the vibe of a space, elevate your aesthetic, make something feel expensive or create a playful tone. With so many options for fabrics and surface materials, sometimes the choices can feel overwhelming.

What vibe do you want to create?

Consider the kind of feel you want your team members and guests to have in your space. Surfaces like marble table tops and living walls of plants create a different look entirely.

Keep functionality at the center of your plans.

Surfaces like travertine may be beautiful, but they won’t be ideal for writing. Makerspaces and design centers will also need to keep cleanability in mind so tidying up and sanitization isn’t compromised.

Design intentionally.

Don’t make things too precious or your people won’t dare to work there! Model appropriate space usage to eliminate unwanted confusion.

Get planning help.

Working with designers can help bring choices into focus, helping you be intentional with spaces that can boost culture and create natural connection points for team members.