The Mobile Worker: Infographic

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Worker mobility has been in the news a lot, so this isn’t the first time you are hearing about the mobile worker. One interesting this to not is the rate at which mobility is increasing, and this prediction that 34.9% of the Global workforce will be mobile in 2013. A very important aspect to the mobile worker is the definition of a mobile worker. Mobile work doesn’t just refer to people who travel around the country or world doing their jobs. Mobile worker refers to people who have the mobility to do their work in a variety of places within a building, across a campus, across an ocean, or at home.
The emergence of technology and it’s ability to give people access and communication, will only make the number of mobile workers continue to grow.  As with anything in this world, knowledge is power. It can be noted that on average mobile works carry 3.5 gadgets with them on any given day. That is compared to the 2.7 they used last year

The following Infographic will dive into the subject of the Mobile Worker. We will look at the different levels of mobility. Also, an important data point to note is the ability to reduce heart disease through mobility. Be ready to learn, get surprised, and enjoy the following Infographic.