The Mobile Workers Must Have Accessories

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The way we work is definitely changing as more and more workers are becoming more mobile. Either demands at work or at home are requiring a more flexible and on-the-go workspace and its definitely different from working at your desk. Here are our top must have accessories for the mobile worker.

It’s All in The Bag Mobile Kit


This kit really has everything you need to work on the go. Awesome bag? Check. Must have notebook? Check. Thermos and Lunch bag? Check. Its important to have everything you need while you’re on the go or it can slow down your work, meetings etc and the All in the Bag kit helps keep things together.

Grid-It Tech Organizer


I’m not a software engineer or web designer but I do have quite of bit of tech that I need with me EVERY day. Besides my iphone, ipad and macbook I also have my camera and the chargers for all four of those. Grid-it keeps your tech organized for on-the-go work and is a definite mobile worker must have.

Moshi Moshi Phone Handset


Okay, on one hand these are totally silly but on the other hand they are VERY functional. I just got the purple handset and I can tell you from first hand use they are a mobile worker essential. First off, I can hear people a lot better when I use the handset and its much more comfortable to use than headphones or holding my iphone. Background noise is quieter so when I’m on the phone with a client they don’t hear much of the noise going on. If you don’t have access to an office phone because you’re on the go, then this is the best $25 you’ll ever spend.