Monday Motivation To Jump-Start Your Productivity

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Productivity apps, rules or lists what successful people do at the start of each day abound — so why am I adding to the abundance of information already out there? Because the hours available in any given week or year can’t be hacked to create more time!

We have the same number of hours in our days and weeks, and in our connected, mobile work era, deadlines are furiously fast. We’re all asked to be increasingly more productive, which means learning better ways to complete a task, manage a project or organize the work week.

With 24/7 as the backdrop, I gathered insights from a group of innovators, entrepreneurs and founders on their strategies for getting organized and in the right mindset for the workweek ahead:

“I get ready for Mondays on Sundays. One of the most important factors in my productivity is order… if things FEEL chaotic, I cannot produce clear, organized work. So, on Sunday nights I do two things: As I work from home, I clean the house and then I make a to-do list of everything I need to do Monday (the list routinely is placed on top of my computer). These two simple things help me glide into the week peacefully and powerfully.” – Liz Long, Founder of

Getting ready for Monday for me is really getting as comfy as I possibly can. The week is about to become rough and busy, so I get in my comfy clothes and read a book, watch a movie that I love, and just try to de-stress as much as I can. Unwinding is something that I think a lot of people (especially hard-working ones) need to work on to provide a mental break in between the chaos of the week. – Cassidy Williams, Software Engineer & Developer Evangelist, Clarifai

I’m an early riser. I routinely wake up at 5 am and then head to the gym to work out. Listening to hip-hop is an energy (and mind-clearing) boost. I allocate time to collect my thoughts (reading, posting on social media or journaling) before I transition to weekly to-do lists, daily must-complete before 10 am items, as well as checking email and my calendar. Then, I drive into my office. – Elijah Rubin, CEO, WIIN LLC

When I’m planning my week, I visualize what I would like to accomplish by the end of that week. Typically, this means I have three different variations on how the week will unfold: What practically can be completed? What can be completed with an extra push or effort? Finally, what are crazy, reach-for-the-stars, pie-in-the-sky, never-in-a-million-years gonna happen? With that as my guide, I generally find somewhere between “pushing myself” and reaching for those stars, but on those weeks when I am only able to achieve the practical goal, I still can celebrate the progress. – Heather Wilde, Unicorn Whisperer, ROCeteer

I have a Sunday late afternoon routine. It always involves blocking time on my digital weekly schedule for client coaching, new business development, networking events, etc. There is also some texting and emailing of people who have made requests for my time. I’m finally getting better at balancing demands on my time. My default used to be “you can get my time whenever you need it.” Now I prioritize and time block (saying no to many more things), and I find I have more energy for meaningful work. – Casey Erin Clark, Co-Founder/Coach, Vital Voice Training

To get motivated for Monday morning, I devote Sunday to my family. We don’t make too many plans, and instead, stay at home and prepare for the week at a leisurely pace (cooking lunches, cleaning the house as a team and going over the family calendar). That way there’s no rush on Monday morning, and we can have time to meditate, prepare our to-do lists and answer some early morning emails before going to school and work. – Bob Bland, CEO, Manufacture New York

I usually work on Sundays to get ready for Mondays. Sundays I spend time organizing my thoughts, writing, catching up and planning for the week. So when Monday morning comes, I am ready for the week!– Helen, Founder & CEO, Stash-it

Three M’s: music, meditation and mindfulness. It may sound like cliché hipster wellness, however, it gets me in the right zone to combat the Monday blues and conquer the week!Emma Mildon, Spiritual PA