Need to Host an Effective Meeting? Try Standing Up!

2017-05-05T18:52:01+00:00May 4th, 2017|Wellbeing, Productivity, Featured|

We’ve all been part of meetings that drone on and become an exhausting part of the work day. If you’ve ever thought there must be a better way of sharing information without sitting around a table for hours, consider standing meetings.

Standing meetings are a great option for the following reasons:

1. They’re shorter 

Studies have shown that standing meetings are, on average, 34% shorter than seated meetings. As much as you may like spending time with your coworkers (or enjoying hearing yourself talk), shorter meetings keep people on task, focused on the content and intent on receiving action items — then wrapping up.

2. You get time back in your day 

Anyone who’s ever spent their day moving from one conference room to another knows one of the underlying frustrations is the constant build-up of projects and unanswered emails. Standing meetings are shorter meetings — and that means you have more time to actually do your job. Standing meetings for the win!

3. They work

You might worry that people will get antsy during standup meetings and therefore compromise quality. Interestingly, the opposite has been proven true: Ideas generated are still high quality and relevant to the task at hand. That means standing meetings are effective meetings.

4. Your mind is sharper

Standing up releases endorphins and helps maintain attention better than sitting. Cognitive functions increase and memory recall is better, too.  Don’t look to standing meetings to be a productivity silver bullet, but DO consider the real biological effects of standing when planning your space. Integrating a few standing stations like turnstone’s Bivi or Campfire Big Table are great places to start. Big Table is available in seated height or as a tall conference table that pulls double duty as a team gathering spot to bring people together and build culture.

5. Productivity increases

recent study demonstrated a dramatic increase in productivity among a call center that hosted a “standing desk intervention.” While they were focused on accomplishing specific job-related tasks as opposed to holding standing meetings, the principles behind the study are impressive: Participants working at a standing desk increased their daily productivity by 45%, and then continued to see productivity increases up to 53% over the next 6 months. Applying this to meetings could me more time on-task, more relevant conversations and more checked off on the to-do list.

6. Standing burns more calories

Standing up engages leg and back muscles, gets blood flowing and burns more calories than sitting. As our culture works to maintain a healthy waistline, one study estimates that standing alone may burn an extra 30,000 calories a year, resulting in an 8 lb. weight loss! For doing nothing other than getting on your feet, that’s an easy tradeoff.

7. Everything in moderation

For large space plans, consider that the latest research suggests task work is best done when there are both sitting and standing options. Many people use 30 minutes as a cutoff guideline for standing meetings, and if the subject requires more time, move to a seated location. Wondering how to integrate a variety of standing and seated options into your space? Our designers can help. 

Standing meetings really don’t require any extra planning, but having an open meeting place in the office is key. To learn more about how you can optimize your office design for standing meetings, schedule a call with our space planners for complimentary assistance.