Office Holiday Party doesn’t fit in your Budget? Here are 3 Fun Things to do instead.

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The Holidays are my favorite time of year and I love seeing everyone celebrate from the stores I visit, offices I profile and of course events with my family. What most of my friends and family look forward to is their office holiday party. Usually it’s filled with fun, food, music and a big party where everyone can just relax and let go of the year’s stress. Times have changed and with the strain in the economy its not possible for a lot of businesses both small and large to throw their traditional holiday soirees. With that being said, here are 3 fun things you can do to celebrate with your office that’s affordable for almost any business.

1. Santa Claus is Coming to towwwwwnnnnn

Have Santa Claus (or dress up as him yourself) come into the office to pass out fun holiday treats with Christmas music in the background. Christmas is more than a religious holiday so it shouldn’t offend those who don’t celebrate Christmas themselves. Afterall, who can get mad at Santa?

2.  Secret Santa Party

Secret Santa is something that’s easy, fun and probably the cheapest option out of the three here. Send an e-vite, bring in some cookies + candy and exchange gifts for your “secret santa”. Its something that’s quick and pretty painless and gets everyone involved and having some office holiday fun.

3. Mini Office Party + Potluck

For those of you who still want to have a party of some kind, make it into a potluck. If everyone brought in food, desserts or drinks then that can eliminate a large cost in the party and create a more personal touch too. Have someone play “DJ” and hook up speakers to a computer for some added fun. Or go all out and check out Jodi’s tips on throwing the perfect Office Party here.

Quick Tips + Other Ideas:
  • Not sure what gift to get your Secret Santa? Check out Turnstone’s fun and functional gifts here.
  • Still want to have the party but can’t afford to rent one? Turn your own office into the center of the party with some fun decorations and move aside furniture for a “dance floor”
  • Skip the party and give everyone an office gift they’d love like a gift card to their favorite lunch spot, coffee spot etc.
  • Bring the whole team out for a day of “cheap fun” like mini golf and arcade games. It’ll boost moral and still have an outing that’s fun and won’t make the company go bankrupt