Office Lounge Furniture for In-Between Spaces

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More than ever before, people are spending time working away from their desks. All people need to do is pick up a laptop or other mobile device and they can have their choice of places to work around the office. When people work away from their desks, they very often head to cafes, lounge areas, or conference rooms where they can work by themselves or meet with a team. But while all of those places are excellent spaces to work in, sometimes people need something more temporary; a place where they can briefly touch down while they’re between tasks. 

In-between spaces are spaces intended for short-term use that help people regroup as they get ready to start something new. They’re commonly placed in areas like hallways and near conference rooms where people might naturally want to spend a few minutes preparing for a meeting, discussing something with a colleague, or catching up on emails. While smaller than full office lounges, in-between spaces offer a comfortable, informal atmosphere that helps people recharge throughout the day. 

Two Shortcut X Base Chairs next to a Turnstone Bassline Occasional Table in an office in-between space.This in-between space pairs two Shortcut X Base chairs with a Bassline Occasional Table.

As you plan your in-between spaces, think of them as scaled-down office lounges. Just as comfortable seating helps create an inviting atmosphere for office lounges, it invites people to utilize in-between spaces. Campfire Half Lounges deliver all the comfort of a Campfire Big Lounge, but in half the size, making them a perfect fit for in-between spaces. Shortcut X Base and Shortcut Wood chairs are also excellent seating options for in-between spaces, featuring cushions and flexible shells that keep users comfortable. 

An office in-between space featuring Jenny Club Low seating from Turnstone, a Turnstone Buoy, and a Campfire Personal Table.By offering a combination of traditional lounge seating, like a Jenny Club Low Chair, and non-traditional seating, like a Buoy, this in-between space gives people more control over how they work. 

In-between spaces can also be a way to give people a chance to change their posture during the day. When people spend much of their time at work sitting in traditional chairs or lounge sofas, non-traditional seating in an in-between space can offer people a welcome change of pace. Campfire Poufs are a perfect fit for spaces of any size while Buoys have a curved base that allows people to remain active while they work. 

A Campfire Skate Table from Turnstone is shown next to an orange Campfire Half Lounge.
The wheels on the Campfire Skate Table make it easy for people to move the table in closer or push it away as needed. 

When it comes to tables for in-between spaces, slim, compact styles take up minimal space and make it easy for people to be productive. Campfire Skate Tables and Campfire Personal Tables both have low-profile bases that allow them to effortlessly slide underneath lounge seating and provide enough space for people to work on their laptops, get their papers in order, or take some quick notes. 

Need some more design inspiration for your in-between spaces? Take a look at our full selection of lounge seating and occasional tables. Our planning assistance team is also here to help create spaces your team will love. Schedule a call today.