Office Lounge Spaces that Support Creative & Collaborative Teamwork

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The office lounge is no longer just a place to take a break. In the modern workplace, office lounges have evolved to become a place where people come together to collaborate and share ideas. When you have an office full of great minds, the office lounge can be a hub of creativity, but you need to set the stage to help it happen. If it’s time to give your lounge a new look, here are some ideas to help keep that creative energy moving.

A woman puts her feet up as she works while sitting on a Campfire Lounge System in an office lounge. The office lounge also features Bassline Storage, a Campfire Pouf, Scoop Stool, and Campfire Skate Table.The cozy atmosphere of this office lounge offers a welcoming in-office retreat where teams are able to relax and collaborate in comfort. 

Make Yourself at Home

Do you ever feel like your best ideas come to you when you’re on your lunch break or when you’re relaxing at home after work? If so, you’re definitely not alone. For a lot of people, taking a break from their normal workstation and spending some time in a more casual environment helps put their minds at ease and makes it easier to come up with new ideas.

With a comfortable office lounge, you don’t need to leave the office to have that kind of renewing experience. There’s nothing quite like residential-style seating, such as Campfire Lounge Seating, to help make people feel right at home even if they’re still at work. If you want to make things even more comfortable, consider adding things like Campfire Footrests or Campfire Ottomans to give people a way to put their feet up.

This office lounge includes a variety of tables to help people be as productive as possible, including a Bassline Occasional Table, Campfire Skate Table, and Bassline Box Top Table.This office lounge features a variety of tables to provide people with all the room they need to be able to work, including a Bassline Occasional table in the center, a Campfire Skate Table on the left, and a Bassline Box Top Table between the Campfire Lounge sofas.

Come to the Table

It’s hard for teams to be productive without surfaces to work on, so tables are one of the biggest must-haves for office lounges. Bassline Occasional Tables and Bassline Asymmetrical Tables can provide lots of space for people to set down their electronic devices or organize papers while end tables, like Bassline Box Top Tables and Alight End Tables, are perfect for setting down cups of coffee and taking notes.

A woman sits on a Bassline Bench from Turnstone as she organizes ideas during a brainstorming session in an office lounge.Bassline Benches follow your lead, making seating available anyplace it’s needed.

Flexible Furniture

Different groups have different needs, so it’s important to make sure the furniture in your lounge has some flexibility to keep up. Look for lightweight furniture that can be rearranged at a moment’s notice. Bassline Bench Seating and Campfire Poufs are both comfortable and easy to move around. Buoy Seating is another lightweight seating option and it offers a nice change of posture from sitting in a regular desk chair. Campfire Skate Tables include wheels that let people bring a worksurface anywhere it’s needed.

Two people collaborate on an idea while writing on the surface of a Campfire Paper Table from Turnstone.The writable surface of the Campfire Paper Table gives people a way to keep collaboration going strong without the need for a wall-mounted whiteboard.

Take a Note

Sometimes, the best way to work through a problem or explain things is by picking up a pen. Including writing surfaces like whiteboards in a lounge gives people a convenient way to write things down when inspiration strikes. If your lounge doesn’t have a wall to hang a whiteboard on, there are other ways to make writing surfaces available. Campfire Paper Tables feature a writable surface that makes it easy for teams to collaborate and share ideas.

With Clipper Screens keeping distractions away, team members are able to fully focus and collaborate on a task in an office lounge.Portable freestanding screens make it possible to create privacy on demand. Here, several Clipper Screens are arranged around an office lounge to help keep distractions at bay as people collaborate on a project.

Definition & Privacy

There are times when groups really need to be able to block out distractions to be able to fully concentrate. In open offices, freestanding screens are a perfect way to create space definition and privacy for office lounges without making any permanent changes to the office. Campfire Screens are semi-transparent, letting people filter out some distractions without fully cutting themselves off from the office. Clipper Screens are fully opaque and can easily be folded up and stored flat if they’re not needed.

A Campfire Big Lamp brightens up an office lounge, creating an inviting atmosphere that promotes collaboration.
Don’t let a lack of light slow down collaboration. Campfire Big Lamps offer a warm, comfortable light that helps draw people together.

Light it Up

It’s hard to be productive when there isn’t enough light. Even if your lounge has access to natural light, it’s still a good idea to include lamps to help out on those cloudy days. Campfire Big Lamps give off a nicely diffused light that’s perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere that invites people to come together.

Need more help planning your office lounge? We can help. All you have to do is schedule a call with our design team. Once our team learns more about your space, budget, and goals, we’ll get to work planning a space you’ll love.