Does your Office Have an “No Messy Desks” Policy?

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I can’t stand messy desks or office spaces. It’s where The Office Stylist actually started, with realizing that ugly, messy and disorganized workspaces breed unhappy workers and that I wanted to change that. Think about it, you spend more time at your workspace than you do ANYWHERE else. Isn’t that kind of scary? Now you’re wondering what my point is and here it is: does your office require you to keep your desk organized? If it doesn’t then it definitely should and here’s why:

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You probably won’t do it yourself

Your desk is messy for a wide variety of reasons. Either you don’t care enough, don’t find time, don’t create the time and it just really doesn’t matter to you to begin with. You can find your pencils and your computer and that’s pretty much all that matters so why change things? It can also be hard to find the motivation to clean, which is why it should be company policy to do so.

It’s causing stress and you just don’t know it

There have been numerous studies that have shown messy, disorganized workspaces create clutter on your desk and in your brain. Clutter can cause anxiety without you even realizing it. If you HAD to keep your desk tidy, then you’d avoid the unnecessary anxiety the mess creates.

It’s not professional-at all

Your workspace, office space and every area employees + clients see represents your company whether you think it does or not. It’s the first impression someone has is when they walk into your space. You wouldn’t hire a CPA you thought was disorganized, how could he keep track of your finances that way? Your company doesn’t want their customers + clients thinking you can’t handle their business so it’s another great reason to have a company policy about keeping a tidy workspace.

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