The O’Hara Project’s Refreshing Orange + Brick Office

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‘Warm modern’: A clean foundation is created through the use of grey, black white and chrome. A modern twist on rustic is achieved through monolithic applications of wood planks with the flooring, a custom barn door and accent wall. The space is highlighted by accents of orange: our brand color.


I’m drawn to mixing opposites: warm and cold, modern and rustic. This space allowed me to blend my love of Soho styling with the warmth of modern barn-like comfort.


We combined wholesale finds with pieces from West Elm, IKEA, Urban Outfitters and the local tractor supply shop.


Our hand-made office sign, made from cork board letters glued onto plexiglass, is very much symbolic of how we approach things differently.


Our employees watched the office’s sketched designs become reality. There is a great sense of pride in what we’ve built. The space offers areas that cater to an employee’s need for solitude and relaxation or meeting and brainstorming. There is a great sense of pride when visitors react with genuine awe. We’ve created a very special space to gather.





The O’Hara Project is an integrated marketing firm specializing in advertising, public relations and social media. A well-designed space, to us, means more than clean lines and polished elements. Our renovation allowed us to design a structural representation of our brand, our philosophy, and our personality. The space makes employees and visitors feel welcome, comfortable, and eager to settle in and chat. This mirrors what our marketing efforts seek to accomplish for our clients and their consumers.