How to Plan Your Office for Growth

2017-08-21T19:35:40+00:00September 22nd, 2015|Workplace Design|

You’ve just signed the lease on an office space that fits you your four employees. Congrats! But have you thought about what will you do when your business grows? Will your office furniture grow with you? Will you have the room you need to expand?

Don’t get stuck losing time and money to a costly remodel. By using an office design planning service, you can tailor your space to fit where you are today and where you’ll be tomorrow. Here are some things to consider:

Plan with a long view

Resist the urge to think only of your current situation. Instead of buying a quick fix that may not stand the test of time, select furniture you love that functions and comes with a guarantee. Stop to consider the impression your space will make on prospective clients. Ask:

  • What kind of vibe are we looking to create?
  • What unspoken messages are we sending to our employees and our guests?
  • Is our space on-brand?
  • Are we communicating creativity? Fun? Polished professionalism?
  • Will our space help us attract and retain?

Buy modular furniture.

Modular furniture grows as you grow and allows for easy expansion without breaking a sweat, making it a smart investment for startups and entrepreneurs. Start with desk space for two, and as your company grows, add work surfaces and personalization elements to boost culture and create an authentic environment.

Consider your office footprint

As you consider your purchases, remember that while a giant executive desk may be a dream-come-true for you, you’ll likely be in big trouble later when you have nowhere to put new members of your team. Especially if real estate is precious and pricey, invest in something that will fit your space and your culture over time. In an era of CEOs occupying the same space as their people, consider whether a large statement piece fits the personality of your growing brand.

Put your personality on display

Much like your home or apartment, your office should be a reflection of who you are and who you want to become. Whether inspirational or aspirational, injecting your space with photos, souvenirs, books, plants, and artwork gives it personality and makes it feel a little more like home.

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