Private Zone: Lounge Spaces that Help You Regain Your Focus

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There’s much to be said about the importance of collaboration in the workplace, but at the same time, there can also be too much of a good thing. No office is all teamwork, all the time and it’s important to include a variety of zones around the office to support different styles of work, including focused private work.

There are times when people just need to step away from their desks for a while and block out distractions so they can really get down to work. In fact, research from Steelcase has shown that a lack of privacy in the office can actually hinder productivity more than it helps. By incorporating some designated spaces for private work, you’ll be giving people the control they need to produce their best work. Here are a few things to know about creating spaces that fulfill the need for privacy.

In an open office, Clipper Screens are used to create private individual work areas that allow people to take a break from the commotion of the rest of the office and focus on tasks.Clipper Screens are used to create private individual work areas that face away from the rest of the office, signaling that anyone using the lounges do not wish to be disturbed. Pictured with Jenny Club Low Chairs, Campfire Footrests, and Campfire Skate Tables.

Do Not Disturb

First and foremost, private zones need to make it clear that the people working in them need to concentrate without interruption. Ideally, this would mean creating small, private enclaves with doors that can be closed. But with so many companies embracing open-plan offices, fully enclosed spaces with doors aren’t always an option. Fear not — having an open-plan office doesn’t have to mean privacy in the workplace is a thing of the past! Portable freestanding screens, like Clipper Screens, are a perfect way to quickly add walls anyplace they’re needed without making any permanent changes to your space.

A private lounge features a variety of seating styles to accommodate groups of many different sizes, including a Campfire Lounge System, Campfire Pouf, and Shortcut X Base Chairs.This private lounge features a variety of seating options to allow groups of many different sizes to focus in peace, including Shortcut X Base Chairs, a Campfire Pouf, and a Campfire Lounge System.

Have a Seat

Aside from privacy, one of the most important things a private zone can offer is comfort. Whether a person is using the space for a few minutes or a few hours, comfortable seating helps people relax so they can better concentrate on their work. If a private zone is intended for just one person, Jenny Round Low Chairs or Campfire Half Lounges are both great options to consider. Or if you’re creating a space where groups can collaborate, Campfire Lounge Systems can be arranged in many different creative configurations to accommodate more people.   

A woman puts her feet up on a Campfire Footrest as she regains her focus in a private work lounge.With a Jenny Club Low Chair, Campfire Footrest, and Jenny End Table, this private lounge makes it easy to concentrate in comfort.

Get Comfortable

The change of scenery and posture that comes with getting away from your desk for a while can do a lot to help improve your focus. Adding comfortable seating is an excellent starting point, but why not take it up a level and help people get even more comfortable by adding Campfire Footrests or Campfire Ottomans to give people a way to put their feet up?

A Campfire Big Lamp supplements the natural light in this private collaborative area.A Campfire Big Lamp helps make sure this private collaborative space is ready for a rainy day. Pictured with Campfire Big Lounge seating, a Campfire Wedge, a Campfire Paper Table, and a Buoy.

Let There Be Light

No matter which style of work is best for you at any given point in time, good lighting is always essential. Even if you think a space gets enough light, it never hurts to keep an extra lamp nearby just in case. Campfire Big Lamps make a great addition to private work areas to help keep those ideas moving.

A person uses a Campfire Skate Table as they work on their laptop in a private work zone. The space also features a Campfire Half Lounge and Campfire Footrest.Campfire Skate Tables feature wheels that make it easy to move the table closer in or out as needed.

Tables, Tables, Tables

Last, but certainly not least, we can’t forget about tables. Since many private work zones are often smaller than spaces like collaborative lounges, look for compact tables, such as Campfire Skate Tables and Campfire Personal Tables, which take up minimal space and can easily be adjusted as needed.

Need some help planning different zones around your office? Schedule a call with our design team and we’ll be able to help you create a space that supports all styles of work.