Product Highlight: Campfire Curve Lounge System

2019-11-15T20:26:02+00:00November 15th, 2019|Product Solutions|

Lounge seating helps anchor any office lounge or collaborative space. As one of the most visible types of lounge furniture, it has the power to completely transform the appearance of any space it’s used in. Not only does the appearance of your seating make a statement, the way it’s arranged can elevate your space in a big way. 

Take Campfire Big Lounges and Campfire Half Lounges for example. Both styles of lounge seating are available in a wide range of upholstery options, so it’s easy to find seating that perfectly complements your design aesthetic. While Campfire Big and Half Lounges can stand alone, when combined in a Campfire Lounge System, you have a lot of room to get creative with how your seating is arranged. 

The Campfire Lounge System is made up of Campfire Big and Half Lounges and corner sections that allow you to create many different configurations, like curved sofa configurations. 

Overhead view showing people in an office lounge featuring a Campfire Lounge System in a curved configurationA Bassline Box Top Table separates two sections of a Campfire Lounge System. A Bassline Bench, Bassline Asymmetrical Tables, and a Campfire Ottoman are also pictured. 

Curved configurations of the Campfire Lounge System put a new twist on the classic lounge sofa. This seating arrangement is a great way to make an impression in any space. Its unique shape grabs the eye of anyone entering the room and invites people to come together. Help make conversation feel more natural by helping people face each other more than they would be able to by sitting on a traditional sofa. 

A person sits on one section of a Campfire Lounge System while two people work nearby.

The curved configuration of the Campfire Lounge System is also a creative way to add space division. In the above picture, you can see how the two curved sections naturally create two distinct seating areas, creating a lounge area that can accommodate two groups of people instead of just one. 

Whether you’d like your lounge seating to have long, soft curves or short, defined curves, Campfire Lounge Systems make it easy for your seating to perfectly reflect your style.

Looking for more memorable seating options for your office? Browse the complete selection of Turnstone lounge seating for more ideas or contact our design team for more help designing a space for your team.