Turnstone Promotions: Holiday Sale 2018

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A new year is always a chance for a new start. Every year, millions of people around the world plan new year’s resolutions to improve their lives in the upcoming year, whether it’s to lose weight, get their finances together, or make more time for their friends. As you start looking ahead on how you can make 2019 a great year, don’t forget to include office improvement on your list of resolutions.

There’s no need to wait for the new year to start making a difference, though. During the 2018 Holiday Sale on Steelcase Store, you can save 15% on Turnstone products, including many that will help make it easier to stick to your personal resolutions. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Two people sit on Buoy Seating from Turnstone while they examine a bike.Buoy Seating gives people a way to stay active while working in place.

Resolution: Get in Shape

Without a doubt, some of the most popular types of new year’s resolutions involve getting in shape and your office can help support people as they try to lead healthier lives. Introducing active seating in the workplace is an excellent way to start. Buoy seating features a curved base, which makes it easy for users to change positions throughout the day. It also engages a user’s core and leg muscles as they work to stay balanced.

Don’t forget to look for other ways to encourage people to be more active. For example, bicycling is a great form of exercise, but it’s not always easy to find a safe place to secure bikes outside. Bivi Bike Hooks can easily be mounted to walls or Bivi Desks, giving people the peace of mind of knowing their bike will be safe while they’re hard at work.

A person looks for an item stored in a Bivi Depot shelving unit while sitting on an Alight Bench.Alight Benches help make it easy to find anything needed that’s stored in a Bivi Depot Shelving unit.

Resolution: Get Organized

Organization is another extremely common type of new year’s resolution. Clearing the clutter can go a long way in eliminating stress and helping people be more productive. Bivi Depot shelving and Bivi Trunks are both stylish ways to add storage to the workplace. Both options work well whether paired with Bivi Desks or used as freestanding storage units. Browse the selection of other Bivi Accessories to find more storage options to pair with Bivi desks.

Two coworkers stop to enjoy a conversation around a Campfire Big Table. Pictured with Shortcut X Base chairs.A Campfire Big Table paired with Shortcut X Base chairs create a comfortable place for people to enjoy a break and chat with their coworkers.  

Resolution: Spend More Time With Friends

Socialization at work isn’t something to avoid, it’s something to embrace. Every year, lots of people resolve to make more time for their friends, and when those friends are at work, having more casual conversations can help increase loyalty, strengthen company culture, and promote wellness. Make the most of this by focusing on areas that naturally allow for socialization, like cafes and lounges. Campfire Big Tables are a great fit for cafe spaces and can easily accommodate up to 6 people. For lounges, look for comfortable, inviting seating like Campfire Big Lounges and Bivi Rumble Seats.

Resolution: Save Money

If office improvement is on the agenda for 2019, you have to break the bank to make it happen. During the Holiday Sale on Steelcase Store, all Turnstone products are available for 15% off. Find all the products you need to give your office a fresh start in 2019. The sale runs from November 26th-December 7th, 2018.