How to Reach Your Huge Goals

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Last week, we talked a bit about setting reachable goals for yourself, your business, your family, etc. And while I always try to set reachable goals for myself, there are still situations when facing a huge goal is inevitable.

Those huge goals can seem overwhelming, unattainable, and even impossible… unless you have a plan!

Whenever I think about my huge goals, I’m always reminded of the question and answer, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”

If you have a huge goal that you absolutely have to reach, the key to achieving it is to break it down into several smaller, more-manageable {and reachable} goals. Then give yourself a time-frame for each smaller goal and work at it piece by piece, bite by bite, until the huge goal is accomplished.

Yes, I know — it’s easier said than done!

Here are two examples of how you might break down a huge goal.

1. Lose 50 pounds.

That open-ended goal sounds huge and overwhelming, and you probably won’t get very far simply saying you want to lose 50 pounds. You have no time frame, no deadline, no steps, no plan.

However, if you break that huge goal down into several reachable goals, it doesn’t seem as daunting.

Reachable Goal = Lose 1 pound per week for one year

Now that you’ve created your “reachable goal”, you need to come up with a way to lose your one pound per week. You might skip a high-calorie coffee drink each morning, exercise for 20 minutes each day, eat healthier, stop getting fast food, etc.

And I guarantee, once you start losing your 1 pound per week, you will be so much more motivated to continue with your healthy habits and keep shedding those pounds.

2. Start a new business.

Obviously, the thought of starting a new business from the ground up is somewhat overwhelming… unless you can break it down into several smaller, more reachable goals.

Reachable Goal = create a business plan and do one thing each day or each week to move towards that goal.

If you just focus on doing one thing at a time, your business goals won’t seem as overwhelming. You could also break down your huge goal into categories and focus on one category each month. Work on your business plan one month, initial start-up projects another month, marketing/advertising another month, etc. etc.

Whatever makes sense for you is fine… the important thing is that you break your huge goals into smaller reachable goals to you don’t get too overwhelmed and give up before you even get started! 

Of course it will still take a huge amount of determination and hard work to reach your huge goals, but what better time to start working towards your next huge goal than at the beginning of a brand new year!


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