Redesigning the Office Space: How Often Should it Happen?

2020-03-13T15:01:31+00:00March 13th, 2020|Workplace Design|

A fresh start is always an exciting prospect. But starting something new isn’t always easy and this is very true when it comes to giving your office a new look. Redesigning an office involves careful planning to use your space and your budget to their best advantage. Because of this, people often wonder just how often they should be thinking about redesigning their office.

While many things in life should be done in very routine intervals, office redesigns don’t fall into the same category as things like oil changes and trips to the dentist. Instead of thinking of it in terms of how long it has been since your last redesign, it’s more important to look for other signs that it might be time to reconsider the design of your office.

Three people sit around wall-mounted monitors in an office lounge with a white Campfire Table, mauve Campfire lounge seating, and a Turnstone Buoy.With Campfire Big Lounges, a Campfire Ottoman, Buoy seating, Campfire Paper Table, Campfire Half Depth Big Table, and Scoop Stools, teams have everything they need to work effectively. 

You Want to Improve Productivity

Productivity is shaped by a wide range of factors, but workplace design is among the most significant. If an office layout doesn’t quite give people the support they need to be able to efficiently do their jobs, the time lost to those inefficiencies can start to add up very quickly. If your team doesn’t seem to be as productive as they could be, or if people mention specific problems in the office, redesigning your office could be a very worthwhile option. 

Off-white standing height Bivi workstations with white Bivi Canopies and task stoolsBivi is a highly flexible desking system that can easily be built up and adjusted to accommodate new members as they join your team.

Your Company is Changing

Just because an office design worked well for you at one point in time, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be right for you. As companies evolve, so do the things they need from their space. If more people are joining your team, it’s a perfect time to take a good look at the design of your space. Do you need to move things around to make room for new workstations or change your layout to use your space more efficiently? If you’re expecting to continue growing, you may want to consider adding things like modular workstations that can grow and change along with your company.

Three people in an office cafe setting with green Simple Standing Tables, white Scoop Stools, and blue and yellow Buoys.This office café gives employees a comfortable and inviting place to take a break during the day, featuring Scoop Stools, Simple Lounge Tables, a Campfire Paper Table, Buoy seating, and a Jenny Club Low Chair.

You’re Having Problems Attracting & Retaining Talent

Workplace perks aren’t limited to things like free coffee and snacks. Your space as a whole can be a benefit unto itself. Work is such a big part of our lives and it’s only natural for people to want to work for companies that have offices they enjoy spending time in. People tend to be drawn toward environments that inspire them and keep them feeling engaged. So as people consider their career opportunities, whether they’re actively looking for a new job or are just wondering what options they have, office design can be a factor in their final decision. 

Three people have a conversation in an office lounge with a Blue Campfire Lounge System and Campfire Ottoman, a blue Campfire ottoman, and orange Shortcut stools.Furniture colors are a great way to incorporate branded colors into an office design. This office lounge features a Campfire Lounge System, Shortcut X Base Stools, a Campfire Pouf, Bassline Box Top Table, and Campfire Ottoman.

Your Space Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand

If someone visits your office for the first time, what kind of impression do they get from your space? When companies design their offices to include branded elements and to reflect their company culture, people can instantly get a strong idea of what the company is all about. But when there’s a disconnect between perception and reality, visitors and employees alike can get mixed messages. For example, a tech company that prides itself on being highly innovative and cutting edge might want to consider a redesign if their decor is starting to look out of date. Redesigning your office to better reflect your brand personality can not only help improve perceptions of your brand, it can help boost employee morale at the same time. 

Is it time for you to consider an office redesign? Browse the Turnstone Blog for more office design tips and ideas or take a look at the full selection of Turnstone products to get some ideas for your space. For more help redesigning your space, schedule a call with our design team.