Refresh Your Classroom with New Design Trends

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The start of a new school year is always full of possibilities. Students come into the classroom wearing their new outfits and carrying backpacks full of brand new school supplies while educators are excited to have a new group of students to work with. Everyone is able to start off with a clean slate, so why shouldn’t classrooms have that same opportunity for a fresh start?

While you’re busy focusing on the new school year that lies ahead, take a moment to look back on the last year. What were some of the pain points you encountered while working in your classroom? Were there any times when you felt like your classroom didn’t fully support your needs? Very often, teachers are eager to bring modern educational styles like active learning to their classrooms, but aren’t able to do so to the extent that they’d like to because of limitations within their space.

In many cases, designing a new learning environment is key to overcoming those obstacles. Whether you’re working in an elementary classroom, a high school classroom, or teaching college students, rethinking your classroom environment design can go a long way in helping students be more engaged so that they can reach their full potential.

Need some design inspiration? Consider some of these classroom trends:

Several Shortcut with Tripod Base Chairs from Turnstone are shown in a classroom setting. A Shortcut 5-Star Stool and Simple Stand Up Table are also seen.

Flexible Design

Today’s educators very likely have vivid memories of having to move heavy desks and chairs around to work with a partner or as part of a group when they were students themselves, but that kind of environment isn’t ideal for supporting active learning. Active learning requires movement, so lightweight, mobile furniture and flexible layouts are essential. Shortcut with Tripod Base Chairs and Shortcut 5-Star Chairs both have casters that make it possible for students to effortlessly move around at a moment’s notice. Simple Tables are available with optional casters to give you even more flexibility in the classroom.

Two black Shortcut X Base Chairs from Turnstone are shown next to a Campfire Paper Table

Collaborative Furniture

Collaboration is a major component of active learning and it’s important that furniture help make it feel as natural as possible. While flexible furniture and layouts absolutely go hand-in-hand in supporting collaboration, that doesn’t necessarily mean furniture with casters is the only way to go. There are plenty of other types of furniture that provide excellent support for teamwork while not necessarily being as mobile as some other types of classroom furniture. A Campfire Paper Table, for instance, has a writable surface that makes it very easy for students to work through problems together and share ideas and information.

Six Turnstone Shortcut 5-Star Base Chairs in stool height are arranged around a Bivi Team Table with attached monitor

Integration With Technology

When classrooms aren’t able to keep up with technological demands of today’s educational styles, it severely limits the ability to use it to its full potential. No teacher wants to see their students trying to share technology in awkward, uncomfortable ways or have their classroom cluttered with extension cords that can be tripped over. Classroom furniture designed to integrate with technology is an excellent way to make sure everyone is able to take full advantage of all the benefits technology has to offer.

The Bivi Team Table configuration of the Bivi Bundle is an excellent example of how this can be done. With built-in monitor support system, everyone at the table is able to have a nice, clear view of the information being displayed. Another idea is to look for furniture with built-in power outlets, such as Campfire Slim Tables, to make it easy for everyone to stay powered up.

A woman sits on a Turnstone Buoy at an individual workstation near a classroom

Seating Options

A growing number of educators are looking for ways to give students a sense of ownership over their educational experiences. Since every student has their own unique ways of learning, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to creating a classroom that ideally works for everyone. However, an easy way to let students take a more active role in their education is by providing an assortment of seating styles for them to choose from. While some students might be most comfortable in something like a standard height Shortcut X Base Chair, others might prefer something taller, like a Scoop Stool. For students who focus better when they’re able to fidget while they work, a Buoy can make learning a more active experience—literally!

Need more ideas to give your classroom a fresh start? Schedule a call with our design team and our team of experts will get to work designing a classroom that works for you.