Rethinking Personal Storage in the Open Office

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Making the switch to an open-plan office is a very big change and it can impact your office in more ways than you anticipated. It’s very common for people to decide to open up their office design, only to discover along the way that there was something they forgot to consider, like storage.

Open spaces can pose some unique challenges when it comes to storage. Every employee brings things with them to the office, whether it’s just a coat and purse or some mementos to personalize their workspace. But open-plan offices make everything in the office very visible, so it’s important to have ways to stay organized. The big challenge is that, since shelving and other storage units are often placed next to walls and partitions, what storage options do you have when you don’t have many walls? Storage in an open-plan office isn’t impossible, but it does require a new way of thinking about office storage.

In this lounge in an open office, Bassline Storage is used to provide space division. Paired with a Campfire Slim Table, the shelf also provides an extra surface for people to work on.In this office lounge, Bassline Storage is used to provide storage and space division, as well as serving as an extension of the work surface offered by a Campfire Slim Table. Pictured with Clipper Screens, a Campfire Lounge System, Campfire Pouf, Scoop Stool, and Bassline Occasional Table.

Embracing an open office doesn’t mean having to say goodbye to shelving. Not only does shelving add valuable storage, it can create space definition for different areas around the office. They key is finding shelving that looks great from all angles. Many styles of shelving were designed to be placed along a wall, not be a major focal point of a room. Bassline Storage changes all that. Bassline Storage was created with open offices in mind, offering a wide range of panel, cutout, door, and color options that make your storage something to be admired. There’s no need to choose between practicality and style.

Bivi Depot Shelving is paired with a workstation of four Bivi Desks in an open plan office, giving people an easy way to store personal items.Bivi Depot Shelving is a natural fit with this workstation of Bivi Desks, providing a perfect place for storing personal items or displaying items for decorative purposes.

If placing shelving along a wall isn’t an option, why not try pairing shelving with desks? Bivi Trunks and Bivi Depot Shelving are two storage options that can be used as standalone shelving or with desks from the Bivi Collection. Pairing your shelving units with desks gives people a way to keep their personal items within arm’s reach while helping keep clutter under control.

Two Campfire Mobile Cabinets are placed underneath a standing-height Campfire Big Table in an open office, giving people a convenient way to store personal items.In this space, Campfire Mobile Cabinets are placed under a standing-height Campfire Big Table, keeping clutter conveniently out of sight. The cabinets are also available in a wardrobe height, which provide space for hanging up coats.

One of the main reasons why many people choose open-plan offices is because of the flexibility they offer. When a company is quickly growing and changing, open offices make it easy to rearrange as needed and lightweight, mobile furniture is essential for making that happen. Mobile storage cabinets, like Campfire Mobile Cabinets, are perfect for open offices. With casters attached to the bottom, Campfire Mobile Cabinets can be moved at a moment’s notice with minimal effort.

Bassline Box Top Tables from Turnstone add extra storage in any room they're used, whether it's in a small corner or in a larger area in the middle of a room.Bassline Box Top Tables bring extra storage to any space they’re used in, whether it’s in a small corner or in the middle of a room.

Another way to maximize storage in open offices is to think outside of conventional storage options. Look for pieces of furniture that can multitask and provide storage in addition to serving their main purpose? Bassline Box Top Tables are a great example of this concept. If you can add a table to a space, whether it’s an end table or a coffee table, you can add some extra storage with a Bassline Box Top Table. These tables are perfect for storing books or other personal items, and if you choose a Box Top Table with Bag Drop, purse storage gets much more convenient.

Looking for more office storage ideas? Browse our full selection of storage products for more options. You can also schedule a call with our design team who will be able to help you find ways to maximize storage in your open office.